The Magical Time Before The Instigator Rule

Jonathan Willis
March 28 2012 10:25AM

Show any hard hit on a star player, or any cheap shot, and someone is bound to talk about the need to dump the instigator rule. They may reference the magical time before the instigator rule was implemented, generally in a ‘back when men were men and rats were hunted down and killed’ sort of way.

It’s self-delusion, of course.

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Q&A With Ivan Telegin

Andrey Osadchenko
March 28 2012 10:17AM



Jets prospect Ivan Telegin had a strong finish to the regular season in the OHL with the Barrie Colts even though he had a hard time finding his game immediately after the World Juniors. Nations reporter Andrey Osadchenko recently spoke to Telegin trying to find out what this was the case. Turns out, going to the World Juniors could be both a blessing and a bummer.

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Nation Radio - March 24, 2012

March 25 2012 09:24AM

As the Oilers work to play spoiler in the final eighth of the season, other Canadian teams are still (fruitlessly?) battling to make the dance. Today on Nation Radio we talk prospects, junior hockey, Edmonton's last gasp this season as well as the fading dreams of the Flames and Jets.

This is Nation Radio.

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Blake Wheeler; Or, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Jonathan Willis
March 22 2012 10:46AM

Last season, the Winnipeg Jets were still the Atlanta Thrashers, being run by general manager Rick Dudley. Dudley got a four-year contract extension, than promptly lost his job when the Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg and became the Jets.

Even so, Dudley’s decisions – and one in particular – continue to impact the team.

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NN Hockey Pool Update: March 20th Edition

Jonathan Willis
March 20 2012 10:04AM

Another week, another leader in the Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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