Noel Won't Beat Up His Team Despite 2-1 Home Loss to Devils.

Nation World HQ
January 14 2012 04:18PM

When you're the Winnipeg Jets, battling to stay in the playoff race and fighting to win as many games at home during a 47-day stretch with 15 of 21 games on the road, it's painfully obvious that indeed, you must win at home.

Saturday afternoon, the Jets lost their second straight game at home. Guess it's time for Plan B: Learn to win on the road.

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Home/Road Fenwick splits, and the bizarre Calgary Flames season

Cam Charron
January 13 2012 03:28PM



I was comparing home and road splits for team score-tied Fenwick percentage earlier and noticed an odd discrepancy for the Calgary Flames: the team is sixth in the league in possession at home, yet 29th in possession on the road.

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No Excuses Necessary. The Jets Aren't the Same Without Byfuglien and Bogosian.

Nation World HQ
January 12 2012 09:25PM

Winnipeg Jets head coach Claude Noel does not like to make excuses. You either win games or lose them based on your efforts on the ice in each particular outing. You either win or you don't and that's that.

However, the Winnipeg Jets team that lost 2-0 to the San Jose Sharks on Thursday night played as hard as it could and as well as it could against the best team in the Pacific Division, but without its two biggest and, most would argue, its best defensemen, Zach Bogosian and Dustin Byfuglien, the Jets were no match for a Sharks club that came into the game with a record of 23-11-5 (the Jets have lost 11 on the road this season). They are now 3-0-3 in their last six games away from the HP Pavilion in San Jose. 

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Something Unique About The Jets

Jonathan Willis
January 12 2012 03:00PM

Claude Noel has the Winnipeg Jets on pace to do something that no team in the post-lockout NHL has accomplished.

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The best player no one talks about

Robert Cleave
January 12 2012 12:51PM


As someone that's worked the mathier side of hockey analysis for a few years, I've become inured to seeing players with shiny boxcar numbers get lauded while players labouring under difficult circumstances get ignored. It's the way things have always worked in the hockey media, and despite the occasional mention of underlying numbers from guys like Elliotte Friedman, the use of advanced stats still is out there on the fringes.

With that in mind, this morning's column from Gary Lawless mentioning, amongst other things, that Jonathan Toews was his pick from the Selke was pretty much exactly what I expected. I realize that the Selke has evolved into an award given to really good offensive players that can find their own end without the aid of a GPS, so the fact that players in the recent past like Frans Nielsen have received the bum's rush is unfortunate, but unsurprising.

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