Jets Player Usage: Forwards (and whatever Miettinen is playing)

Kevin McCartney
April 15 2013 06:02PM

  Tom Szczerbowski (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski)

The Jets up-and-down season has frustrated attempts at clear finger pointing. Lack of scoring depth, inconsistent goaltending, very poor special teams, and some odd (and stubborn) line combinations have made it challenging to see the problem(s) very clearly. I've discussed Olli Jokinen as a problem here, the need for a RW here, and the problem of the fourth line the last time we looked at forward usage charts back in mid-February. Today we re-visit how the forwards are being used to see if we have any further clues about what went wrong in the forward group with a particular eye toward who should be back next year.

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Jets Final Drive - Schedule Scoping

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 14 2013 11:23AM

The Jets are very quickly running out of time. There are two weeks left in this shortened season, and the boys find themselves currently sitting in 9th place in the East. A mere two points out of a playoff spot. Here I was thinking I was actually going to get some studying done for finals this week.

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Back to the Future: Evaluating Head Scout Marcel Comeau Part 1

Kevin McCartney
April 12 2013 08:23PM


Marcel Comeau has been the Head Scout of the Atlanta Thrashers and now Winnipeg Jets since 2003. This season will mark his 11th draft with the organization, and as Cheveldayoff continues to preach patience and hope, we will have a look at the man in charge of delivering a hockey team from a list of teenagers.

There are many ways to evaluate a draft, and of course, data continues to roll in all the time. Consider Part 1 a bit of an introduction to Comeau and his draft history. We'll look at his draft record without much context to get our minds around who it is he's been drafting and where the team has traditionally gone fishing for talent. I'll add some thoughts about the prospects on which we still wait.

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Weekly Thoughts

Kevin McCartney
April 11 2013 11:22AM


Every week or so, I have a few thoughts. This week I look at the Jets schedule and consider how hard things will be under re-alignment, look forward to the draft to begin our conversation about who the Jets might be in on, and give a preview of articles to come with a chance for you to shape how I look at the data. A smattering of my brainy output below.

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Game #42 - Jets vs Panthers

Brett Martin
April 11 2013 11:11AM


The Homestand from the Heavens continues tonight, with yet another big game for your Winnipeg Jets. After coming off the worst stretch of hockey pretty much imaginable, the Jets have come home and taken advantage of the schedule which, thanks be to the Universe, has brought to Winnipeg some of the biggest patsies in the Leaue. And tonight is no different, as the lowly Florida Panthers visit the MTS Centre. 

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