Ondrej Pavelec: a closer look

Robert Cleave
May 07 2012 11:05AM



 As the summer approaches and most sensible people around here turn their thoughts to the lake or the links or a patio on Corydon Avenue, Kevin Cheveldayoff has a more than a few meaningful jobs on his to-do list for the off-season.

One of the primary tasks at hand will be to decide precisely how to handle the RFA status of Ondrej Pavelec. The 24 year old is coming off of a season where the local media anointed him the team MVP, but a deeper look at his performance suggests that the team shouldn’t be too hasty in signing Pavelec to an expensive deal.

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Nation Radio - May 5, 2012

May 06 2012 12:52PM

With winter finally loosing it's icy grip in Canda (well, except in Calgary apparently) and all the great white north teams out of the playoffs, thoughts are unviersally turning to the upcoming draft and free agency. Those topics plus the WHL playoffs and World Hockey Championships are explored today with Corey Graham, Scott Cullen, Jim Byers and others.

This is Nation Radio.

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Free Agents: Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils

Jonathan Willis
May 03 2012 09:17AM

The New Jersey Devils are in a situation that no team likes to find itself in. Zach Parise’s contract expires this summer, and not only does he look likely to test the market but he also seems a safe bet as the NHL’s most sought-after forward.

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Free Agents: Ryan Smyth, Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
May 02 2012 08:41AM

Ryan Smyth’s return to the Edmonton Oilers basically took place in three parts. At the start, fans in Edmonton were thrilled when the rumours first surfaced, more thrilled when they realized the cost for Smyth was just Colin Fraser and a seventh round pick. Early in 2011-12 Smyth flourished, scoring 12 times in his first 25 games with the team, and the jubilation persisted. Unfortunately, the scoring disappeared in December and never returned, raising questions about his future with the team.

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Report: Russian club offers Alexander Burmistrov a contract to play in the KHL

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2012 03:12PM

It appears that another club is vying for the services of Alexander Burmistrov. Ak-Bars Kazan, the KHL team that developed Burmistrov back in Russia, has reportedly offered the Winnipeg Jets forward a contract.

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