Jets Game Day: Rubber, meet road

Robert Cleave
March 16 2012 12:38PM



The latest installment in Winnipeg's 17 game playoff series (pace Noel) drops at MTS Centre this evening, and for the first time in a couple of weeks, scoreboard watching will take a back seat. After a leisurely run against a few Western Conference squads, the Jets play a team in the Eastern Conference race, and to be precise, it's the team most likely to stand as the primary impediment between the locals and the post-season.

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Jets Game Day: Win or go home

Robert Cleave
March 14 2012 12:12PM



After a fruitless road trip to the Canadian West, the Jets return to action tonight facing a rather unpleasant reality. The mirage of a playoff spot held mostly by playing more games than other teams has ended, and as a result, they find themselves 6 points in arrears with 13 to play. Not optimal, to say the least.

This evening's opponent presents a significant challenge in their own right, and unlike the last visitor to MTS, their recent hot streak has the whiff of something a bit sturdier.

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Dustin Byfuglien: He's Always Been This Good

Jonathan Willis
March 13 2012 11:18AM

Dustin Byfuglien has had his share of problems this season. A poor start to the year prompted suggestions that he could be moved up front. An off-season incident raised questions about his maturity level and physical conditioning.

Amid all that, he’s quietly moved past that poor start and had a superb season.

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NN Hockey Pool Update: March 12th Edition

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2012 11:19PM

Once again, it’s been a bit since we’ve taken a look at the Nation Network standings. For the vast majority of those 40 days, it’s been my fault for putting it off. Yesterday, it was the fault of the good folks at Oilers Nation for writing so many things.

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Scoreboard Watching

Mitch Calvert
March 12 2012 10:12AM

It was not a good weekend on the scoreboard watching front. Washington beat Boston and Toronto in back-to-back efforts, Buffalo picked up two points in one of those dreaded three-point games against Ottawa, and Florida shutout Carolina on Sunday. 

Those unfavourable results, coupled with the Jets' pair of road losses in western Canada last week, have the local team sitting four points behind eighth-place Washington, and a full five points behind Florida for the Southeast Division lead.

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