Jets Off-Season Trade Targets: Ales Hemsky

Kevin McCartney
June 11 2013 02:56PM

I'll admit up front that this potential addition makes my inner 10 year old giddy, and my adult self fearful of the comments section to come. I suspect there are very few in Jets Nation who consider Ales Hemsky a legitimate option for the top 6, but take it from a long time Oilers fan - 'Hemmer' is a unique player with elite level skill. A play making RW with speed, agility, and incredible hands, Hemsky is a multi-tool offensive threat. When every game comes with that 'we're going to lose' sick feeling in your stomach, this guy is like 50 seconds of Pepto delivered 20 times a game. He's an absolute treat to watch. He also has a long injury history that no one can claim is behind him as he played through a broken foot this past season, and questions surrounding his ability to rebound to the impressive point totals of his increasingly distant past. With Edmonton moving their cluster back several years, Hemsky is available. Does he make sense for the Jets in 2013/14?

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Gonchar Signing: Why Jets Fans Should Care

Travis Hrubeniuk
June 10 2013 11:27AM

Photo from Wikimedia

This weekend the Dallas Stars made what can be considered the first “big” move of the NHL’s 2013 Free Agency period. After obtaining his rights from the Ottawa Senators, the freshly branded Stars signed upcoming UFA Sergei Gonchar to a 2-year, $10 million contract, officially removing him from the market. Although this may seem like a simple decision for the Jets new rivals, it may have more of a tickle-down effect than some may think. Especially, in my opinion, on the signing of Zach Bogosian.

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Jets Free Agent Targets: Michael Ryder

Kevin McCartney
June 07 2013 02:01PM


Photo by cerebusfangirl

After four seasons away, Michael Ryder returned to Montreal part way through the season to post his best points per game rate since his rookie year, going 10-11-21 in 27 games. Despite the Habs winning their first Northeast Division title since Ryder left, and scoring at their highest goals per game rate since Ryder's last season as a Hab in 2007/08, GM Marc Bergevin apparently doesn't have Ryder in his plans for next season. Come July 5th, Ryder could be a free agent target for the Jets, who have a widely recognized hole at right wing in their top six, and a general lack of offensive punch on the powerplay. Does Ryder make sense for the Jets? Let's take a closer look.

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The Extra Attacker: Weekly Thoughts

Kevin McCartney
May 30 2013 06:20PM


Every week or two, I have a few thoughts. I've decided to call this the Extra Attacker. This week I look at whether the Jets' size led to wins, re-consider the corsi data on Ron Hainsey discussed yesterday at the Nation, and consider the critique of Hainsey as too passive for his size. Below is a smattering of my synaptic output.

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Ron Hainsey Comparables Addendum

Kevin McCartney
May 29 2013 05:02PM

 Image by Elliot at Wikicommons

It only took nine minutes for my suggestion that the Jets badly need Ron Hainsey to meet resistance in the twitter-sphere. In this case, the argument came from Mitch Kasprik (@WpgJetshocktalk), a writer for Hockey Talk and THW (The Hockey Writers) and a long-time WHL Scout. When he talks, I'm inclined to listen. He wrote:

Garrett Hohl (@garretthohl) from Arctic Ice Hockey came to Hainsey's defence, citing very difficult role. I thought it would be fun (you heard me, tables are fun) to have a look at the other defencemen who had similar years to Hainsey. More twitter battle and numbers below the break.

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