Better know a prospect – Paul Postma

Dean Belanger
February 26 2012 11:07AM

Fall 2011 - #4

Winter 2012 - #3

It could easily be argued that Paul Postma is indeed the top prospect in the Winnipeg Jets organization. Young, skilled defensemen quite simply are very hard to come by. The Jets organization are flush with young (ish) talent on the blue line in Winnipeg and that has enabled them to be very patient with Postma and let him further his development in St. John’s. If a spot opens up for him next fall, he should be more than ready to grab it.

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Nation Radio - February 25, 2012

February 26 2012 11:00AM



It was trade deadline eve, eve this Saturday and all of hockey fans thoughts turned to rumors and speculation. Monday will likely turn out to be slightly less interesting for Oilers faithful now that Hemsky has signed, but that doesn't mean they and some of the other Nations teams won't be making a move or two. This week, Allan investigates what the Jets, Flames, Leafs and Canucks are thinking heading into the frenzy.

This is Nation Radio

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Between a rock and a playoff spot

Dean Belanger
February 25 2012 10:28AM



So lets be honest about this. Did ANYONE expect to wake up on February 25th and find the Jets in first place in their division? If you were one of those folks then congrats to the eternal optimist in you. I for one never expected a nosedive like the one Washington has performed but here we are. So now what does GM Kevin Cheveldayoff do Monday?

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Statement Game

Mitch Calvert
February 24 2012 09:19AM


What a difference a week makes.

All but left for dead after a home-ice loss to the New York Islanders on Valentine's Day, the Jets have rattled off four wins in five games--and collected nine of a possible 10 points--and now find themselves atop the Southeast Division standings through 63 games.

The Jets looked like a team on a mission last night, dominating the Lightning for 55 minutes before giving up some late goals in garbage time en route to a 4-3 win.

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The Pavelec Perplexity

Cam Charron
February 23 2012 01:59PM



I don't necessarily have a bone to pick with Ondrej Pavelec, because at the start of the season if you told me that the Winnipeg Jets were going to make the playoffs, I would have told you that it would be "thanks to" and not "in spite of" the young Jets goaltender.

Pavelec has played some amazing hockey games this season, however, he's also put up some stinkers. Remarkably inconsistent, but terrifyingly fun to watch when he's at his best, Pavelec is the kind of goalie who could win you a playoff series as an underdog.

However I think that people tend to get carried away with some saves that he's made. Specifically, this one against Philadelphia:

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