Grading Kevin Cheveldayoff's entry drafts using PCS: Winnipeg Jets 2011 Draft

Garret Hohl
June 23 2015 12:15PM

PCS is still in its infancy. You could think of it as being in its "alpha-testing" stage. There are some issues and also some quantitative factors that could be (and eventually will be) added into the model.

Still PCS offers some interesting insight on how players who are of similar age, height, and scoring in the same league did in making the NHL.

With the draft nearing we thought we'd break down Kevin Cheveldayoff and the Winnipeg Jets previous draft selections and how they did relative to what was immediately available.

We start our series with the Jets first go at the draft, the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #14 Jeremy Roy

Rhys Jessop
June 23 2015 10:00AM

Though some might consider him "undersized" at six feet tall, Jeremy Roy's game is anything but small. The offensively dazzling defender is also rock-steady in his own zone, and may be one of the smartest players available in this year's draft.

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #15 Nick Merkley

Garret Hohl
June 22 2015 05:00PM

Nick Merkley is a fun player to watch. He may be smart and small, but he likes to play hard, work hard, and has some dynamic features to his game.

One of the best players coming out of the WHL this year ranks 15th overall in our list.

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What to expect from Alexander Burmistrov in 2015-2016

Garret Hohl
June 22 2015 03:40PM

Rumours have surround Alexander Burmistrov's potential and eventual return the NHL almost since the day he took the larger payday in the KHL. Burmistrov himself told Russian reporters that his time in the NHL was not completed.

TSN's Darren Dreger reported that Burmistrov's camp is planning to meet with Kevin Cheveldayoff to discuss a possible comeback.

Whether the purpose is for Burmistrov's return to wearing the polar-midnight blue or an attempt at a sign-and-trade remains to be seen.

What should the Winnipeg Jets, or the team receiving Burmistrov in a trade, expect from the young forward?

Let's take a look after the jump.

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Nation Network Prospect Rankings: #30-16

Rhys Jessop
June 22 2015 03:25PM

Our top-45 prospect countdown is now 2/3rds complete, so let's take a look back at the players we've ranked in the latter half of the first round.

Continue past the jump to see the players we've ranked between 16th and 30th overall.

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