The Extra Attacker: Weekly Thoughts

Kevin McCartney
May 30 2013 06:20PM


Every week or two, I have a few thoughts. I've decided to call this the Extra Attacker. This week I look at whether the Jets' size led to wins, re-consider the corsi data on Ron Hainsey discussed yesterday at the Nation, and consider the critique of Hainsey as too passive for his size. Below is a smattering of my synaptic output.

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Ron Hainsey Comparables Addendum

Kevin McCartney
May 29 2013 05:02PM

 Image by Elliot at Wikicommons

It only took nine minutes for my suggestion that the Jets badly need Ron Hainsey to meet resistance in the twitter-sphere. In this case, the argument came from Mitch Kasprik (@WpgJetshocktalk), a writer for Hockey Talk and THW (The Hockey Writers) and a long-time WHL Scout. When he talks, I'm inclined to listen. He wrote:

Garrett Hohl (@garretthohl) from Arctic Ice Hockey came to Hainsey's defence, citing very difficult role. I thought it would be fun (you heard me, tables are fun) to have a look at the other defencemen who had similar years to Hainsey. More twitter battle and numbers below the break.

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Jets Free Agents: Ron Hainsey Contract Comparables

Kevin McCartney
May 29 2013 02:34PM


The Summer of Rebuild is upon the Jets, with a well publicized and frequently discussed 17 RFAs and 12 UFAs to deal with from last year's 48 man roster, as well as a host of prospects who have outworn their welcome in Junior. While many of those 29 players will be flushed or not make an impact on the big league roster,  Ron Hainsey has reached UFA status after a season in which he played the 3rd most minutes per game among Jets defencemen, including the most short handed minutes of any defender. 

His season was... He tried really hard, guys. Hainsey was used against the toughest opponents, with the hardest zone start on the team, and had Ondrej Pavelec as a goalie. Not surprisingly, the outcome wasn't pretty. By advanced metrics, it was Hainsey's worst season in recent memory. Interestingly for Jets fans, if you haven't watched Ron Hainsey's career, you might not know that Claude Noel used Hainsey in a way no coach ever has. In fact, as we examine the cliff Hainsey seems to have descended with alacrity, we'll keep in mind the man who pushed him. What role might the former powerplay specialist turned penalty kill specialist have with the team moving forward? Most importantly, what is Hainsey's worth to the Jets and what kind of salary might he command this summer?

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Former Jets in the Playoffs

Brett Martin
May 28 2013 05:19PM


I'm still bored. You're probably in the same boat. Hope Byfuglien isn't driving! The last Jets game was all of 32 days ago, while the draft sits 35 days away. We're rivalling mid-August levels of Jets related nothing-ness.

Sure, there's going to be a helluva an offseason around here. For one, there's the 9 Restricted Free Agents and 9 Unrestricted Free Agents to deal with. As those signings start flowing in, that will be fun. But that hasn't begun yet.

Theres also the aforementioned Draft. With the 13th overall pick, the Jets should be able to pick up a pretty decent prospect to add to the stable alongside Jacob Trouba and Mark Schiefele. Between that and my being a severe draft nerd, that's going to be lots of fun. It's also 5 weeks away, so instant gratification it is not.

So, there's not much to do right now. I'm not a fan of any of the remaining teams in the Stanley Cup hunt. If I'm not last place in StreakCred, the Nations playoff pool, I'm not sure who is, as I'd be inclined to mock them. But I'm so far down the rankings I don't even appear on the last page of results. What to do? I don't care about 'The Great Gatsby', I despise the 'Fast & The Furious' film franchise, and there's only so much Rob Ford news one can consume before it becomes tiresome. SHOW ME THE VIDEO!! 

But then the other day, it struck me while watching a Penguins game. I heard the name 'Tanner Glass', and I was reminded that there remains some Jets alumni in this years Playoffs. So, relieved with something to write about, I took a look at how they're doing, and this is what I found:

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Thinking with an Empty Net: Coaching Changes and Draft Rankings

Kevin McCartney
May 23 2013 07:08PM


Every week or two, I have a few thoughts. This week I consider Gary Lawless' call for Alain Vigneault as coach in light of the news that he's available and look at Cory Pronman's newest draft rankings .

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