NHLN Notebook: All-Star recap, No Ads on Jerseys, Mike Smith, Vlady Tkachev

Christian Pagnani
January 30 2017 12:38PM


The All-Star weekend is over, so we can get back to talking about things that matter... Like the All-Star weekend in hindsight! 

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A Look Ahead: With 30 Games Left, the Playoff Push Starts Now

Dustin Mymko
January 30 2017 08:00AM

The All-Star break is behind us, and we're entering the home stretch. At 23-25-4, the Winnipeg Jets aren't in a great position, but they're not quite out of it yet, either. The post-all-star part of the schedule begins Tuesday with a three-game road trip against central division opponents.

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The Jets Can Still Make the Playoffs

January 28 2017 02:45PM

After 52 games, the Jets are currently sitting out of a playoff spot. They have been dealing with injuries all season, which has forced players into roles not suited for them. The lack of defensive depth has been an issue for the entire 2016-17 season. 

The goaltending has been okay at times, but suspect otherwise. On top of this, the Jets special teams have not been very good. 

But, with 30 games left, there is hope because the Jets can still easily make the playoffs.

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Saturday Seven: All-Star Weekend

Curtis LeBlanc
January 28 2017 01:25PM

It's the NHL All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, California, which means all of us are forced to stop watching real hockey for three days while the league indulges itself with another profit-fuelled pageant.

But it's for the fans, really.

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Jets on the Top 100 List

Nation World HQ
January 28 2017 12:34PM

Last night, the NHL revealed their list of the top 100 players ever and the Jets were represented by three of the greats. 

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