Taking the Body

Rhys Finnick
October 21 2013 11:59AM

As our own Kevin McCartney documented last week, the Winnipeg Jets use a very aggressive forecheck. The three forwards attempt to trap the puck-carrier in his own corner, sealing off any possible exit strategies up the boards or into the open ice.

Aggressive forechecks are going to get caught up ice sometimes. That's one of the trade-offs of getting beneath your opponent's goal line. However, the Jets' forecheck has been noticably struggling all season, and it may have something to do with a preoccupation towards 'Taking the Body,' even finishing their check after the play on the puck has already been made.

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Coach, What's the Deal?

Matt Eichel
October 21 2013 05:04AM



If the 2013-14 NHL Awards would come out today with its nominees for Most Inconsistent Act in the NHL thus far, the Winnipeg Jets would be a close lock to win it (here I'd like to plug the referees inconsistency on penalty calling, but I think I speak for about 99.9% of fans who watch hockey - everyone complains about reffing, thus a moot point).

And as I sit drinking my morning coffee ready for another day of work, I know for certain that I will be putting in at least a 100-110% better effort that those who don blue every gameday to play hockey and make millions, while I am about two zeros of a paycheck off what they make.

So what's the difference?

Maybe ask the coach: Hey Coach, what's the deal?

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Jets Post-Game 9: Luck Schmuck

Rhys Finnick
October 20 2013 10:13PM


                                         "Uh...does anybody else want to do anything?"

Lady Luck jilted the Jets tonight.

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Can't Hardly Watch

Ross Smith
October 20 2013 01:17PM

Now that we’re well into the browns and burnt umbers of Fall, full of Pumpkin Spice lattes and head colds, let’s take a look at what’s new and exciting on our TV’s! ‘Cause it ain’t been the performance of the Jets thus far.

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JGD 9: Prey?

Kevin McCartney
October 20 2013 11:58AM

The Predators are in town for game five of the Jets' six-game home stand. Nashville was a mess last year, taking 14th in the West and 27th in league. Their -28 goal differential was miles worse than even Winnipeg's -16. (Yay for being no worse than plain-old-bad!) In aggregate, the team is well on its way to another disapppointing season with a Division basement -5 goal differential through 8 games, early injuries, mediocre special teams, and an even strength goals for percentage of just 40%. And yet a late (highlight reel) goal in Montreal last night by 4th overall pick Seth Jones puts the Preds into 4th in the Central standings. 

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