Jets Powerplay: Measuring by the Team's Own Criteria

Kevin McCartney
December 13 2013 03:12PM

During the pre-season, Assistant Coach Pascal Vincent was interviewed about the Jets' powerplay and responded with some hints about how he evaluates the unit he coaches.

His comments revealed three evaluative criteria: shots per minute, scoring chances per minute, and zone time. Thanks to Travis Hrubeniuk, we have the Jets' scoring chance numbers, and thanks to, their powerplay time and shots. We could count zone time, but some of us have girlfriends (not me, obviously) or other hobbies (again, not me) or can't figure out how to record a bunch of failed dump-ins as zone time (bingo!). We'll work with what we have.

What we'll see below is an answer to several of our most pressing questions about the Jets' powerplay. First, what would convince the team that this powerplay doesn't need to change in the face of such persistent failure? Second, why have they started making changes recently to the structure and personnel of the unit? And lastly, how does the team's chosen evaluation fail?

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Friday Five-Hole: Priorities

Rhys Finnick
December 13 2013 01:47PM


See, the J is actually a hockey stick.

This weekly column looks to discuss a certain number of relevant Jets topics on a certain day of the week. That certain number? Five. That day of the week? Friday. Also, hole. This is the Friday Five-Hole.

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Jets Post-Game 33: SNOWED IN (GET IT?)

Rhys Finnick
December 13 2013 02:31AM


                                                   Do you smell what Frolik is cookin'?

Maybe the Jets deserved a better fate tonight.

Maybe I should get a real job. Maybe I should stop going to the arcade. Maybe I should finally get rid of my Gilligan's Island DVDs.


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JGD 33: Making a Mess

Kevin McCartney
December 12 2013 03:03PM


There is a woman who works at the Subway franchise closest to my work. Occasionally I eat at the Subway franchise, and occasionally she is behind the counter. She's very absent - I can't blame her - and her work habits include not closing the sandwich before trying to roll it up in paper. It's a cumbersome event to watch, since instead of a log of meat and vegetables, she is attempting to wrap a rectangle of slop. When you unwrap it, it's just a disaster. I have to admit that I find this hilarious. I can't decide if she's just sabotaging corporate sandwiches (which I can get behind) or just really doesn't know to close a sandwich before wrapping it and assumes every other employee faces the same struggles in wrapping. 

This sums up my exact feelings about the Winnipeg Jets, and in particular, their second line. When the team brought their second line home and unwrapped it, it was a 14 minute mess. But we have no idea if the team really thinks that this is what a second line looks like, or if there is another reason (from coach-manager disconnect to Evander Kane politics to superstition). But they deal with hockey every day - how can they not realize?

I encourage you to see it as hilarious, because if you can't laugh you'll cry, and it's not changing any time soon. 

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Jets Post-Game 32: Expected

Kevin McCartney
December 11 2013 12:21AM

The result was expected and the process was ugly.

A poor goal by Alex Steen and a flukey powerplay marker from the stick of Kevin Shattenkirk would lead us to think it was a matter of inches in this one. But the Blues controlled the flow of play, owned the puck, and held the Jets to next to nothing at even strength. 

The TSN crew did their best to make a mongoose into a cobra, but it mostly relied on believing that a 2 shot first period by the Blues was indictative of the play. It was just wishful thinking.

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