Best of the Nation: 2.17.13

Jonathan Willis
February 17 2013 11:15AM

After the jump: the single-biggest story in the NHL last week, a mess of trades, injuries, and trade rumours, how bloggers are once again undermining Western society, and Graphic Comments. Also - and this is important - the Winnipeg Jets' all-time greatest moustaches.

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Everybody Take A Breath

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 15 2013 02:45PM



Things seem to be going a little bonkers in the Peg lately.  At least hockey wise that is.  In the last week or so we’ve had a rather angry and disappointed fan base around these parts, as is to be seen when your team is 5-6-1, 11th in the Eastern Conference, and has been apparently lacking the effort you’d expect from a professional hockey team.  That being said, it’s time to slow down for a minute here and get our heads on straight, and really think about what exactly is going on.

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Hockey fans - close to the edge?

February 15 2013 12:07PM


As Canadian hockey fans, we all exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia, don't we? Primarily we:

  • hear or see things that aren't real (hallucinations)
  • hold strong beliefs that are not real (delusions)

I don't mean to make light of a serious mental disorder that affects many Canadians and their families, but rather to illuminate the tendency of fans to lose touch with reality when observing their favourite team. 

Look no further that the acquisition by the Jets of Eric Tangradi. 

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Jets Player Usage: Defence

Kevin McCartney
February 15 2013 09:26AM




In part 1, we looked at how Claude Noel is using the Jets forwards so far this season. Below we'll look at how he's using the defence. The chart below comes from Ninja Greg's fantastic site. Thanks to him for use of his nifty tool. 

To the Charts!

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The More You Know: Eric Tangradi

Kevin McCartney
February 14 2013 12:34PM



Eric Tangradi, LW/RW, WPG

LW/RW  6'4" 220lbs, 24 years old

Drafted 2007, 42nd Overall

Contract: 1 Year, 2-way, 65K / 726K

Nick Name: Big Dog

I recently wrote about how the Jets are using their forwards and suggested that Noel might have to shorten his bench to avoid suffering the struggles of his 4th line. James Wright has had to be sheltered, Anthony Peluso didn't even break a sweat the other night in his 2:49 of ice time, and Slater and Thorburn aren't solving this team's losing ways without some help. Is Tangradi any help to us? Here's what he adds to the Jets and what we can expect in the next few months.

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