If the Jets can get Hamonic with a package involving Myers, they should

Garret Hohl
November 18 2015 04:21PM

Sportsnet's own Elliotte Friedman reported today that the New York Islanders have been shopping 6'2 the 6'2 defender Travis Hamonic. Hamonic requested a trade for personal reasons, asking to move closer to family located in Manitoba.

Friedman stated that New York Islander's General Manager Garth Snow "is not interested in a picks or prospects type of return" and "looking for equal-level replacement."

As a right-handed shot, big-bodied, and big-minutes defender, this means the Islanders would probably be looking at Tyler Myers. Jacob Trouba is likely untouchable for the Jets due to his youth and contract status. Dustin Byfuglien meanwhile loses trade value as a pending Unrestricted Free Agent.

However, if Myers is the bulk of the cost, the Jets should move.

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JGD 20: Canucks Vist Jets And One of Them Threatens To Win A Game

Art Middleton
November 18 2015 10:30AM

The 2-6-1 road trip from hell may now be all behind us, but plenty of doubt remains if the Winnipeg Jets will ever win a game as they lead off a three game home stand tonight against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Canucks are at the end of their road trip which has been almost as painful to witness (if you're a Canucks fan of course) going 1-3-2 and currently on a three game losing streak.

A struggling team is going to win this game! At least, we think one will... Given how fates have worked out for these two teams lately, don't be shocked if the NHL just rules this game a tie.

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Winnipeg Jets under and over performers in 19 games

Garret Hohl
November 17 2015 09:52AM

The season is nineteen games in and the Winnipeg Jets have been struggling to be as good as last season.

One area where the Jets have not been as good has been in the Jets' control of shot attempts. As expected with human nature some players have been better than previous seasons, while others have been worse.

We will look at each of the Jets skaters the last two seasons and see how they are performing relative to those years.

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How the Jets can turn Jacob Trouba's slow start to their advantage

Thomas Drance
November 17 2015 06:55AM

Photo Credit: Brad Rempel/USA TODAY Sports

Young Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba hasn't looked like himself.

Trouba, 21, has just three points in 18 games for Winnipeg. He's often looked a bit lost defensively. He hasn't found chemistry with Tyler Myers, which has sort of thrown Winnipeg's ideal top-four into chaos. And Trouba's ice time is down below the 20 minutes-per-game mark for the first time in his very impressive three-year NHL career.

It may be a bit counterintuitive, but this is precisely the time for the Jets to strike a deal with their struggling, extremely talented young defender. 

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Jets Nation Recap: Jets Fall 3-2 to the St. Louis Blues

Vinnie Criscenzo
November 17 2015 01:21AM

I was going to work in some obvious pun with word 'Blues', but I don't think anyone is feeling up for witty little puns tonight. 

I'll start with some good things first, since I think we all need that right now. 

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