The Roundup

Nation World HQ
May 06 2016 05:00AM

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Leafs and Jets win draft lottery, breaking down Mathews vs. Laine, Stamkos to Leafs more plausible now, who replaces Bob Hartley in Calgary, Benning and Canucks look for a forward at 5, picking 4th does not do the Oilers any good, all kinds of draft news, helping Fort McMurray and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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Round Table: The We Got the 2nd Overall Edition

May 05 2016 12:00PM


Welcome to the bi-weekly summer edition of the Jets Nation Round Table. The team takes a break from watching every playoff game to discuss a few events surrounding the Jets and the rest of the NHL. 

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #56-52

J.D. Burke
May 05 2016 08:00AM

Garret Hohl kicked off this year's Prospect Profile series, highlighting the 60th to 57th ranked prospects, which sets the stage perfectly for today's list, which include the 56th, 55th, 54th, 53rd and 52nd ranked prospects. There's a lot to like in this lot, from fallen former first rounders to late risers and everything in between.

Catch up on the other side of the jump, as we delve into their junior careers and what they might be able to offer at the professional level.

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WWYDW: What to Do With the Most Obvious Draft Choice

May 04 2016 05:31PM

Welcome to this week's version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are asked a question and debate among yourselves what the answer is. Unfortunately, the only prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions. 

The Jets have one a draft lottery position. Would would have thought? As a result, this week's WWYDW asks what to do with the Jets' most obvious draft choice. 

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #60-57

Garret Hohl
May 04 2016 04:02PM

Hello everyone and welcome to annual prospect countdown for the upcoming 2016 NHL Entry Draft. We combined the rankings of multiple authors between Canucks Army and Jets Nation to create our very own consensus list.

Included with our profiles is the new statistical modelling system, the Player Graduation Probabilities System (pGPS), which helps one see how often statistically similar players graduate into the NHL. Outside of pGPS' creators, the voters in these rankings had no prior knowledge of each prospects pGPS.

Without further distraction, we start our ranking by profiling our consensus 60th, 49th, 58th, and 57th ranked prospects for this season.

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