Is Dustin Penner A Fit???

Trin Potratz
July 20 2014 07:15PM

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It's the most boring time of the year for any die-hard hockey fan. The craziness of the free agency period is ultimately over, and arbitration dates are the most exciting thing.

To keep writers and readers like me intrigued, we'll start seeing various articles that are strictly speculation. The mind wanders and hockey-obssessed people like me will look for anything to chew on for a bit. Today I was reading through Facebook fan posts to see what some Jets fans were thinking about, and I came across an innocent comment about Dustin Penner.

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Trin Potratz
July 20 2014 01:09PM

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It’s no secret that the Jets have tension in their relationship with young power forward Evander Kane. It’s also no secret that Kane’s name has come up in trade rumours.

Rumours can simply be rumours, but if those rumours were to be true, what could Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff do to make the best of a bad situation?

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Jets 2014/15 Depth Chart: Centre

Kevin McCartney
July 18 2014 06:42PM


Photo by Bridget Samuels

We start our examination of the Jets’ depth chart with arguably the most important skater position. Championship teams in the modern NHL are typically defined by their quality and depth down the middle, and whether we define success in hockey by goals, scoring chances, or shot attempts, controlling the middle of the ice is critical.

In the ever-improving Western Conference, do the 2014/15Jets have what it takes to compete down the middle?

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Nation World HQ
July 18 2014 09:12AM

The most boring stretch for any hockey fan is between now and early September. We do our best to scratch that hockey itch below.

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Nation World HQ
July 11 2014 10:29AM


After weeks of madness with the draft and free agency, we take a look at what teams did and more

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