Game 5 vs. Dallas: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 13 2013 03:30PM

Before the Jets square off against the New Jersey Devils tonight, take a look at the scoring chance totals from Friday’s game against the Stars. Maybe you’ll even learn a little bit about score effects! And that's what Sundays are for.

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Game 5 vs. Dallas: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 11 2013 10:32PM

The Jets kicked off a 6 game home stand Friday night against the Dallas Stars, but unfortunately made an appearance that is becoming much too familiar to fans. When we asked for more consistency this off-season, this isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

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Jets Post-Game 5: Score Effects and the Effort-o-Meter

Kevin McCartney
October 11 2013 09:58PM

It's a tiresome exerise to point out where narrative goes wrong, and sarcasm is just participatory frustration. I won't subject you to it.

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Systems Analysis: What is tracking "above" the puck?

Kevin McCartney
October 11 2013 08:23PM

In the aftermath of the Jets crashing in Minnesota, Claude Noel's comments remain the most pertinent data on the black box. We heard a lot about effort and chemistry and the phrase 'just have to' from on-lookers (including those wearing the Polar Night blues). Noel's post-game had more interesting commentary, but focused on faceoffs and the role of defensive zone board battles in creating possession up the ice. We know from the zone-entry data that that wasn't where things went off the rails for the Jets. They had more entries than the Wild did - they got the puck out and up the ice often. But a low percentage of entries came with control, and obviously very few shots were created from those entries. Somewhere in the neutral zone and offensive zone, the Jets' possession play ran out of gas.

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Brian Sutherby
October 11 2013 06:48PM

The dressing room is supposed to be a safe place for players. That is said time and again between coaches and players. Things that are said or happen between those walls stay between those walls.

Joe Thornton is making headlines today, for a comment he directed in a humorous way at a scrum of reporters that were interviewing another player. He was not being interviewed himself. He said something sarcastic about scoring four goals in one game and what he would do to celebrate.

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