JDG 28: Black Friday

Rhys Finnick
November 29 2013 08:39AM

                                     Philadelphia's greatest hero. (photo by Susan Smith)

While the majority of North Americans will be out this morning trampling each other's faces for slightly cheaper merchandise, the Jets roll into the Wells Fargo Center with a chance to string together their second longest winning streak of the season.

Of three.

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November 28 2013 11:53AM


Per usual we were asleep at the switch and didn't realize that November 17 marked the 6th birthday of the Nation Network. We can only imagine that this is foreshadowing to days where we will forget our wife's birthday and most of our children's names and birthdays as well. Sorry whomever you may be, we have a lot going on in this brain of ours* and sometimes things slip through the cracks.

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Brian Sutherby
November 28 2013 09:42AM

On Monday ten former NHL players filed a class action lawsuit against the NHL for concussions they suffered while playing hockey. One more player has since joined. If you haven’t seen it in its entirety, you can check it out here.

I have no idea what the gentleman that played the game in the decades before me went through. I don't know what the medical protocols were for guys concussed or how medically informed they were, way back when.

I don’t even know if the NHL knew. That’s the biggest question in all of this.

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Jets Post-Game 27: Don't Ask How

Kevin McCartney
November 27 2013 09:41PM


We learned a lot about the Jets on this Wednesday evening in Long Island. Against another poor Eastern Conference team, the Jets squeeked out a win on the back of three goals in 5 minutes, seemingly sentient goal posts, and Al Montoya.

Defenders chased, the fourth line stayed hemmed in the Jets end, and the team's third pairing was both a mess and required to create scoring for the Jets to get a 'W.' No doubt we will hear the empty phrase 'it's two points' uttered often as a sentence (already frustrating) and as a tautological defence of what we saw on the ice.

This road trip is important for the team in more ways than just climbing the standings. It's an opportunity to fix their game under less duress, and despite being 2-0-0 so far, progress has been lacking.

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JGD 27: Getting squirrely

Kevin McCartney
November 27 2013 02:30PM

"...and if you give me another nut today, I promise to start hoarding for the winter tomorrow."

The Jets played a game against New Jersey that has everyone saying 'they got two points' as though the way they got them isn't worth a conversation. In some ways, I guess discussing how a blind squirrel finds nuts becomes purely academic when it's no longer hungry. (Too harsh?)

Game days have an uneasy feeling in the Nation - happiness for a game at all, of course, but mixed with the faint terror that the team could force its players to use ringette sticks at any moment. The Jets' lack of consistency speaks to their lack of a game plan - a way to win they can execute game in and game out. We've watched the powerplay crumble, uneven performances from every player on the roster save Tobias Enstrom, and structures that make more sense in a video game. We've seen Pavelec's improved game, and yet the goal differential continues to go in the wrong direction.

The problem, of course, is that this blind squirrel is hungry again, and no one can know how it intends to find another nut.  

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