JGD 32: There's No Place Like Home

Kevin McCartney
December 10 2013 02:29PM


You might have heard that the Jets ended their road trip with a 4-2 record. It's the phrase being used to compartmentalize the shame of losses to Florida and Philadelphia, and swaths of poor play from all over the roster.

We went into the road trip as fans expecting to be vaulted back into contention for a playoff spot (which really required 10 or 12 points). We come out of the road trip with deepening concerns that the organization is not aware of the problems, or not capable of the solutions, and this season is following a familiar script that ends in disappointment.

Tonight’s matchup against St Louis comes with all the emotion of Dorothy tapping her ruby shoes together and wishing for home. Nothing has fundamentally changed about the place they so badly wanted to escape two weeks ago, but just being away is enough to foster some hope to the contrary.

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The Chris Thorburn Experiment Will End Tonight

Kevin McCartney
December 10 2013 02:05PM


Chris Thorburn has spent three games in the Jets' top six, and garnered some contentious praise. On the surface, the idea is laughable. He's been among the Jets' worst players for three seasons, and has never risen above the third line of a horrid Atlanta team in all his career. He's the enforcer of a team that doesn't employ a nuclear option like a John Scott. 

Yet his performance has slowly quieted critics, who are now left to grasp at bits of evidence while they wait in cover for their 'I told you so!' moment. Small sample size can disrupt almost any analytical framework, just as Chris Thorburn has gone bull-in-a-corsi-shop and defeated logic with his magical under-helmet flow. 

I'm going to put my analysis to the test by predicting that the Chris Thorburn experiment ends early in the second period tonight. Let me tell you why.

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Is Evander Kane a Bad Linemate?

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 09 2013 12:56AM

Evander Kane has taken a lot of heat lately. Based on his personality and the market he plays in here, that is to be expected. There’s been a new angle taken by some of the local media lately (Gary Lawless in particular from what I have heard), attacking Kane by saying that he doesn’t work with his teammates. That he’s a selfish player. That he makes his teammates worse. These statements have been given increased “fuel” lately with the sudden improvement in play from Olli Jokinen and Devin Setoguchi correlating with his removal from the lineup. Thus begs the question, does Evander Kane really make his teammates worse?

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Game 31 at Tampa: Montoya Performance Tracker and Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 09 2013 12:29AM

The Jets finished off their six game road trip Saturday night with a match-up against the Stamkos-less Tampa Bay Lightning. Even if Stamkos was healthy, the Lightning are battered and bruised right now, so expectations were heavy on a Jets win. They came through, yet I was still less than impressed.

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Game 31 at Tampa: Scoring Chances and Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 09 2013 12:14AM

Fenwick chart from extraskater.com

I’m not sure what the most shocking stat of this game really is. The fact that they Jets had the better start, that they were shutout chance wise in the third period, or that they won the special teams battle.

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