Top to Bottom: Checking in with each team as the Trade Deadline approaches

Cam Lewis
February 08 2016 09:45AM

We're four months deep into the NHL season and the trade deadline is right around the corner. Time flies, I know. By now, it's become clear for most organizations as to whether they'll be buying or selling at the deadline, but there are still a handful of teams that aren't very good but are right in the mix, floating around in some kind of grey area. In this month's check in, I'm going to break down where each team is at as we head into the home stretch, and who should be opting to sell their assets and start focusing on the future, and who should be interested in buying to fuel their playoff aspirations.  

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JN AirMail: February 8, 2016

Art Middleton
February 08 2016 08:30AM

JNAirMail 2

There is truly no such thing as a stupid question, but stupidity of answers is always up for debate especially here in the Jets Nation Air Mail where I provide you haphazard answers to well thought out questions.

Let us begin..

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Jets Nation Recap: Fiesty Jets Scrap And Claw Out 4-2 Win In Denver

Art Middleton
February 07 2016 12:01AM

Jets were in their first game to start off a long road trip, the second half of a tough back-to-back after having their butts handed to them the night before, starting a goalie who hadn't won a game in his previous 12 appearances. Even the shiniest of happy Jets fans were starting to warm to the idea of burning it all down and letting the tank commence.

And then tonight happens. A 4-2 win in Denver against the Avalanche.

Hockey is a heckuva sport to figure out sometimes isn't it?

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JGD 52: Jets Look to Get Back on Top Against the Avalanche

February 06 2016 11:33AM

The Jets almost finished an abysmal game against the Hurricanes last night on top. What could have been 4-0 ended up being 5-3. Today, the Jets face the Colorado Avalanche in their latest back to back of the season.

Tonight's game against the Avalanche marks the first game of a two game road trip for the Jets.

Lets see how the Jets match up.

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Jets Nation Recap: Decent Finish Covers Up Ugly Start In 5-3 Loss

Art Middleton
February 05 2016 09:46PM

Carolina scored early and scored often and the Jets looked like a group of major junior players who were in way over their head as the Hurricanes raced to a 4-0 lead after 20 minutes and thanks to score effects "hung on" for a 5-3 win in Winnipeg.

And now it's on the road for six for the Jets.

The tank is looking strong.

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