Jets Nation Podcast: Exposing for Expansion

Cody B
November 22 2016 01:13PM

With the Las Vegas name and logo being announced on Tuesday, the guys look at how expansion will affect the Winnipeg Jets. 

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Winnipeg Jets Player Grades: First 20 games

Jacob Stoller
November 22 2016 12:51PM

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The first quarter of the Jets season is complete and it's time for our first instalment of player grades. At the end of each quarter, we will evaluate the performance of each Jets player within that time period. 

Here is my Jets player grades for games 1-21. 

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Northern Touch: Regression to the Baseline

Darrin Bauming
November 22 2016 08:05AM

It is easily described as their worst stretch of hockey so far this season. But should we really be surprised? 21 games into the Winnipeg Jets' NHL calendar they sit tied for fourth place in the Central at 9-10-2, but have hit a road-trip snag while dropping three straight in convincing fashion in Philly, Boston, and Carolina.

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Schedule Eases Up, But Only A Little Bit

Dustin Mymko
November 21 2016 11:16AM

The ugliest part of the Jets schedule is now behind them, and it couldn't have come a moment too soon. After putting together a 4-0-1 string which got the fandom really excited and brought attention from unlikely places (see the Deadspin article from Wednesday), the Jets have hit the skids here on their season-long five-game road trip, starting with losses in Philadelphia, Boston, and now Carolina. Today marks the Jets' first day off with no game and no travel since October 20th! 

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Jets Nation Recap: Jets Lose Third in a Row to Hurricanes

Dustin Mymko
November 20 2016 05:59PM

The third game of this five game road trip ends up in the loss column, just as the first two did. It was a different looking loss than the listless effort last night, but it was a loss nonetheless. Too many penalties (most of them being of the 'dumb' variety) and not enough offense until it was too late. With some big Central division match-ups on the horizon, let's hope things get sorted out quickly.

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