Jetstream Podcast Ep 28 & 28.5: Crotch Grabs & Grades

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 21 2014 07:56AM


On this week's two-part episode, we discuss Seabrooks' hit on Backes, crotch grabs and Chevy's press conference.  All that, plus the guys grade each of the Jets players, the coaching staff and GM on their performances this season.

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Goaltender Performance: Year In Review

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 20 2014 09:26PM


Photo via Twitter

As many of you are aware, at the start of this season I set out to answer a few questions in regards to Ondrej Pavelec. Despite what numbers were saying many out there were indoctrinated into the belief that it was the team in front of him, not his play that hampered his performance and results.  I wanted to know, was it the play in front of him?  Or was it his personal tendencies and shortcomings that were holding him back?  How did he compare to Al Montoya behind him? So throughout the season I have tracked every goal scored on either Ondrej Pavelec or Al Montoya to find some answers. 

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 27: Playoff Picks

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 15 2014 08:04PM


On this week's episode, the guys say farewell to our Jets, make their playoff picks and give the lowdown on our plans for the podcast during the offseason.  All that, Maurice's press conference, questions from you guys and a few shower thoughts.

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A Fun New Partnership

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 14 2014 11:47AM


We here at, along with our brothers throughout the Nations network, are quite pleased to announce a new partnership with Scotiabank and their new NHL ScotiaHockey Debit Card.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 26: Keep Kane

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 07 2014 08:13AM


On this week's episode, the guys run through Kane's busy week, pick our biggest disappointments and surprises of the season, and begin our donation campaign to buyout Pav.  All that, plus a few awesome questions from our listeners!

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