Jetstream Podcast Ep 34: Munchie Meals

Travis Hrubeniuk
June 25 2014 08:45AM


On this week's episode, the guys talk about Jets' prospect Ivan Telegin's revealing interview, and once again, spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make our team better this offseason.  All that, plus the NHL awards, a ton of rants from Travis and some mouth-watering descriptions of Jack In The Box's Munchie Meals.

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Big Bucks and Free Stuff

Travis Hrubeniuk
June 17 2014 09:54AM

NHL_Debit_EN-Wpg (1)

It’s been a few months since I firstopened my Student Banking Advantage account at Scotiabank and started using myScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card, and I must say I have been pleasantly surprised bythe experience. In the past I worked at a financial institution, so Iunderstand how I like things set up, how they work, and (like many others)often do not like changing things much when it comes to my finances. The peopleat Scotiabank though, have made the change quite enjoyable.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 33: Kings

Travis Hrubeniuk
June 16 2014 07:41AM


On this week's episode, the guys catch-up after a brief hiatus, talk Stanley Cup and rag on dumb fans.  All that, plus the Ice Caps, a World Cup themed spelling bee and little NBA.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 32: Gentleman's Code

Travis Hrubeniuk
May 27 2014 07:50AM


We're back! On thisweek's episode the guys catch up, talk Conference Finals and the possibility ofDubnyk in a Jets jersey.  All that, plus Toews vs Crosby, a smart potatoand the Gentleman's Code. 

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 31: Questions on Questions

Travis Hrubeniuk
May 13 2014 02:46PM


On this week's episode,Travis and Joe tell tales of their adventures in Transcona and Neil asks theboys questions he has about hockey and the NHL.

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