What To Watch For During The Lockout: Part 1

Dimitri Filipovic
October 10 2012 09:49AM


All is not lost, Jets fans. 

It must seem like last season was a cruel April Fools joke by the 'hockey gods' - after 15 years of being out of commission, Winnipeg was given a taste of professional hockey goodness, only to have it taken away all over again. But this time around, there are Jets-related stories to follow throughout the fall, to quench your thirst for puck. 

A number of prominent Jets have taken their talents overseas, for as long as the lockout drags on. ESPN has recently announced that they will be televising KHL games, which is an interesting wrinkle to this ongoing saga. 

We'll get to the specifics of it all in Part 2 of this series, but today, we'll be focusing on the North American options - junior hockey, NCAA hockey, and the AHL.

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What The Jets Need To Do To Take The Next Step In '13

Dimitri Filipovic
September 27 2012 09:14AM


(Welcome Dimitri Filipovic to JetsNation. Dimitri is normally a Canucks blogger, but has agreed to fill in around here from time to time)

The 2011-12 season was a great one for the Winnipeg Jets franchise.

In the spring of '11, things seemed bleak for the then moribund Atlanta Thrashers, having lost their signature player (Ilya Kovalchuk), and nearly everything else imaginable. The team had missed the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season (after having qualified for the first time back in '06-'07) and had no real following. If you were once a Thrashers fan, and you take offence to that, I apologize. But you're a rare breed.

Even though they failed to make the playoffs in their first season in Winnipeg, they gave ample reason for renewed optimism. There are numerous exciting young pieces present - that should be there for the long haul - with reinforcements on the way, in the form of strong prospects. And their fans are all sorts of rowdy. That's something that you can build off of and get behind. There's still plenty of growth, and development that needs to take place, but what we saw last year was encouraging.

But remember, if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. And it's time for this franchise to do the former. What needs to happen for them to build off of last year's revitalizing season?

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