JetsNation Recap - That Was A Thing That Happened

Art Middleton
September 27 2016 09:35PM

Let us keep in mind that tonight was just the first game of pre-season and the Winnipeg Jets iced a lineup that excluding a few players will at best be permanent fixtures on the Manitoba Moose roster in a few weeks, so let's not get too worked up over the Jets 3-0 loss to the Calgary Flames, okay?

That all said, you've probably had dental work done that was probably easier to endure than tonight's game was.

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WCOH Final 1: Canada vs. Europe

Jeff Veillette
September 27 2016 02:45PM


It may not be the most perfect narrative, but it certainly could have been worse. In one corner, we have Canada, a team that everybody expected to be here, with a suffocatingly high level of talent and execution of their system that has found a way to make greatness seem almost boring. In the other, we have Team Europe, a group of players who are old, wise, have never really played together, and may never play together again, looking to upset goliath on their own ice.

It's not very likely at all, but hey, let's make the most of the occasion.

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JN 2016-17 Season Preview: Dallas Stars

Art Middleton
September 27 2016 11:30AM

Today we at Jets Nation start off our series taking a look at our fellow Central division rivals going into the 2016 - 2017 season. Once again the Central Division is being looked at as perhaps being the toughest in all of hockey with all seven teams (yes, even the Jets) being legitimate playoff threats.

What better way to kick off our series of Central Division previews by featuring the defending regular season division champion Dallas Stars?

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JGD Preseason 1: Jets open up preseason with hosting the Flames

Garret Hohl
September 27 2016 11:07AM

The season is here! or almost here...

Preseason is upon us. While winning or losing will have no impact on the standings, there will be an impact depending on which players are able to earn themselves positions on the main roster.

Calgary Flames come on over to Winnipeg to start up the hockey year.

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How founded are Trouba's complaints on usage?

Garret Hohl
September 26 2016 11:59AM

Through his agent, Kevin Overhardt, Jacob Trouba sent out a press release updating his status with the Winnipeg Jets. This release essentially stated that the primary reason for Trouba wishing to be traded was due to him wanting to play top-four as a right-side defender. It stressed that this request was revolving development over financials.

Ignoring whether or not this release should be taken at face value, how justified is Trouba that his deployment was suboptimal and how much of an impact did that have on him and the team?

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