On Violence: Steve Downie and Toxic Culture in Hockey

Curtis LeBlanc
January 15 2017 11:27AM

There is a big part of me that has always wanted to view hockey as a sport for good people. 

The motivation for this is, at least in part, self-serving. I devote many hours of my time every year to hockey. I watch well over 82 games a season and there are hockey-based publications I read every day. I find myself emotionally involved in the fate of my team. I get excited by the potential for improvement in every offseason.

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Is a coaching change needed to spark a playoff run?

January 15 2017 09:09AM

The Jets need roughly 25 wins in their last 36 games to make the playoffs this year. 

At the rate there playing at, it doesn't appear they will make a postseason appearance. They continually drop points like they intend to be in the mix for the first overall pick. Now that would have been okay in the past, but that's not acceptable today. The Jets have the talent that should make them a contender for a wild card spot. 

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Jets Nation Recap: Heartbreak In Hollywood

Jeremy Wiebe
January 14 2017 11:43PM

Hollywood. Where dreams come true. However, some dreams can turn into nightmares. For a brief spell, it looked like the Winnipeg Jets would fashion a script that would finally include a happy ending. But in pure cinematic cruelty, the Jets couldn't get the job done in the end and fell 3-2 in overtime to the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Centre.

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JGD 46: A Royal Pain

Art Middleton
January 14 2017 12:08PM

The Winnipeg Jets west coast swing of terror continues tonight in Los Angeles against the Kings.

The Kings have been on a consistent run of "win a game lose a game then win a game" since just before the start of the new year. They have struggled in losses to Vancouver, Detroit, Edmonton San Jose but have played quite well against the likes of Minnesota, St. Louis and San Jose.

They won their last game on Thursday in impressive fashion against the Blues, so perhaps there is a chance for the Jets to catch them on a down swing night? For it to happen, the Jets are going to need their offense to come through against a Kings team that is surprisingly stingy on defense.

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The Jets Should expand Nic Petan's role

January 14 2017 09:00AM

Nic Petan needs more ice time and the Jets need him to have more ice time, if they want to push for the playoffs. The 21 year old can be a difference maker for the Jets, but only if he is given more opportunity. 

With Patrik Laine on the injured reserve, now is the time to give Petan a larger role again.

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