Jetstream Podcast Ep 27: Playoff Picks

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 15 2014 08:04PM


On this week's episode, the guys say farewell to our Jets, make their playoff picks and give the lowdown on our plans for the podcast during the offseason.  All that, Maurice's press conference, questions from you guys and a few shower thoughts.

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EA Sports NHL 14 Playoff Emulator

Steve Dangle
April 15 2014 08:00AM


Tuukka Rask winning a Stanley Cup as a starting goaltender probably won't annoy Leafs fans, will it?

EA Sports and NHL 14 have completed their annual playoff emulator! They take the current playoff tree, match all the teams who are facing each other with their updated rosters, and see who the game predicts will win the Stanley Cup.

In the email I got from EA Sports they gave me highlights from each round, including who won each series and how long it took!

Here are this year's results...

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Last Call for the Nation Charity Playoff Pool

April 14 2014 01:15PM


Playoffs? We're talking playoffs...playoff pools to be specific.

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A Fun New Partnership

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 14 2014 11:47AM


We here at, along with our brothers throughout the Nations network, are quite pleased to announce a new partnership with Scotiabank and their new NHL ScotiaHockey Debit Card.

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JGD 82: Last Hurrah

Kevin McCartney
April 11 2014 04:16PM

It's been a frustrating season for Jets fans. A confounded coach and the league's worst starting netminder are all that stood in the way of hosting playoff hockey at the MTS Centre. Again. The lines were maddening, the AHL call-ups confusing, and the injuries seemingly ill-timed. And James Wright never did get that first goal of the year. Aww shucks.

But it's always hard to say goodbye to another season of Jets hockey. Just five months until training camp.

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