The Jets Next Five

Travis Hrubeniuk
March 01 2013 03:48PM



The Jets are riding a tidal wave of confidence.  A three game win streak, above .500, and currently sitting in 8th in the Eastern Conference.  Things are going to be very positive around Winnipeg for the next couple days. It’s vital to remember that there are ups and downs throughout an NHL season, so the Jets need to keep their focus and continue to move forward, not dwell on the past.

What I am about to say is a phrase that is extremely overused, especially this season, but I truly feel it to be true right now.  

The Jets next five games are the most important games of the season.

They set up as follows:

March 2nd - vs. Washington

March 5th - @ Florida

March 7th - @ Tampa Bay

March 8th - @ Florida

March 10th - @ New Jersey

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Podcast Pilot

Steve Dangle
March 01 2013 11:56AM

I'm excited to show you guys this new pilot project! We don't have a name yet, but we're going to be talking about sports over beer at Tallboys' in downtown Toronto at 838 Bloor Street.

For the first week, I sit down for a pop with Jeff Veillette aka Jeffler of Leafs Nation, and Thomas Drance of Canucks Army, along with myself (Steve Dangle) to talk about Leafs goaltending, Canucks goaltending, tampering, and more.


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Midwest Division?!

Brett Martin
February 28 2013 09:32AM



Spurred by the relocation of the Jets, and a myriad of travel concerns from other teams, the NHL has decided upon their Realignment plans.

It's unofficial at the moment, but as it stands now, the Jets will no longer find themselves as members of the Southeast division, which must be a relief to both the Team and the Environment as their travel schedule will no longer be ridiculously FedEx'esque. Sadly, us Winnipeg fans will have to say goodbye to those classic Hockey rivalries with cities like Sunrise, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina. But on the bright side, Steven Stamkos can enjoy his best years lighting up some other teams.

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Re-Alignment and the Winnipeg Jets

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 27 2013 12:34PM



Well it’s about time. Finally, after spending the last two seasons in the distant Southeastern Division, the Winnipeg Jets and their fans are starting to hear some information regarding the NHL’s pending re-alignment.

Over the weekend, CBC’s Elliotte Friedman tweeted out what appears to be the final (although not yet finalized) re-alignment proposal that will take place next season.

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The Whole World is Smiling with Blake Wheeler

Kevin McCartney
February 26 2013 11:05AM



Prior to the Buffalo last week, various Jets were quoted about the need for positivity. Wheeler in particular started talking about changing his attitude. Sure enough, after earning a win against Buffalo, Blake Wheeler's new sunny disposition took centre stage in the press. Both the Winnipeg Free Press and Sun ran articles that would have us believe Wheeler's smiling face backed off defenders and opened passing lanes like his scowl never could. Louis Armstrong to the rescue, right? Call me skeptical.

Yet something did change for Wheeler in Buffalo, and it carried through into Carolina. With the help of Ninja Greg's cool new data from the Super Shot tool, we can take an educated guess at the cause of Wheeler's recent turn. 

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