Around the Nation - Debut Edition

Kent Wilson
August 21 2011 09:31PM



It's been a big summer for the Nations. We've added some stellar talent to Leafs Nation, Canucks Army and Flames Nation. We had five writers at the draft and managed to debut Flames Nation radio. Oilers Nation radio has grown in audience with each iteration. And the return of the Jets allowed us to add the newest member site to the network.

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August 21 2011 07:19PM


OMG OMG OMG OMG. Ryan Smyth is on NationRadio this week. Robin Brownlee hosts for the second week in a row and quite honestly we could kiss him for getting this to happen*

Cam Barker is on the show too - and you may recall he now plays with a Mr. Ryan Smyth. David Staples from the Edmonton Journal stops by too, ostensibly to discuss Ryan Smyth. Finally Ben Kuzma from the Vancouver Provence swings through. Perhaps he has some information regarding Ryan Smyth?

This is NationRadio. Enjoy!

*That's what she said

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August 21 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
August 21 2011 03:12AM



The NHL is mostly in the doldrums in regard to player movement at the moment, but that doesn't mean that  the business is completely peaceful, so it's time for a brief review of some of the happenings around the game. In this installment, the league's R and D camp has a few useful ideas, off-ice doings dominate in Phoenix, St. Louis, Dallas and the Island, and a member of hockey's family is laid to rest.

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Jets invite David Aebischer to Camp

Kent Wilson
August 20 2011 09:45AM



Along with former Penguin Janne Pesonen, it looks like failed Colorado goalie David Aebischer will be trying to make a come back with the Jets this year. James O'Brien of Pro Hockey Talk notes this morning that Winnipeg has invited the Swiss born puck stopper to camp on a try-out basis.

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How the 2009 Calder Cup Finals' Impacted Jets Return

Matt Eichel
August 18 2011 03:34PM



I remember sitting in the upper bowl of the MTS Centre in Section 310 with my significant other, about seven rows up from the railing and peering over about 7,500 other Manitoba Moose fans to watch the Moose play in Game 2 of the 2009 Calder Cup Finals. 

There was something more special about Game 2 than there was about Game 1, a game which I had been sitting with a good friend over in Section 302 a few nights prior to witness a 5-4 overtime loss. The score was tied in Game 2 1-1 with under five minutes to play in the third period. 

Overtime was looming.

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