Jets Post Game 61: Snooze Fest

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 27 2014 10:26PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.26.51 PM

The Jets finally took the ice following a 17-day layoff on Thursday night and took on a Phoenix Coyote team that’s sitting right ahead of them in the standings. 

Judging by the way it looked, you would never know it was hyped as one of the “biggest games” of the year.  It was a game rattled with poor timing, poor officiating, bad turnovers, and missed opportunities.  For 65 minutes this game was nothing more than a display of how awesome Olympic hockey really is, followed up by a surprisingly dramatic shootout. 

In the end Olli Jokinen, Devin Setoguchi, and even Ondrej Pavelec showed up when it mattered most, and snagged the Jets the extra point.


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A Sochilist Agenda

Ross Smith
February 23 2014 03:05PM


**Warning: Canada just won gold in hockey! Our nation leaves Sochi triumphant once more! Now, I bum you out.

What is this joy in my heart that trumps all reason? How powerful is this drug that I don’t have to smoke, snort or inject it to feel untapped reserves of euphoria pump forth from my heart and into my skyward-raised fists as I leap off the couch to celebrate? All I need is a lit screen, an imagination and a misplaced sense of nationalism. Damn you, Olympic Games, damn you straight to rose-coloured Hell.

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Olympic Hockey Thoughts

Jason Strudwick
February 22 2014 10:03AM


I played with many Russians in my time in professional hockey. I was always amazed by their skill and skating ability. After being traded to the Vancouver Canucks, during my first practice I was taught a harsh lesson on Russian ability by Pavel Bure and Alexander Mogilny.

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Getting Luckier

February 17 2014 03:09PM

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Lots of people might be worried about the Canadian men's hockey team right now. My advice? You probably shouldn't be. As much as people are focusing on the negative, there's a lot of positive arrows - including their three wins.

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Pavelec Sits at the Olympics: Does His Own Country Disapprove?

Kevin McCartney
February 12 2014 03:07PM

Ryan Lambert wrote about the Pavelec snub just today on Puck Daddy. To him, that Pavelec has been listed as the third string goalie of the opening contest is a sign that the decisions makers on the Czech team are more willing to face reality than the Winnipeg Jets about the ability level of the leaky netminder.

Elliotte Friedman had a different take, and one that Pav supporters and bright-side Jets fans will no doubt cite often. It's just game one of the round robin. No one knows who the real starter will be when things get more competitive.

Lambert cites Pavelec's NHL struggles. Friedman cites Pavelec's bronze medal performance at the 2011 World Championships. But what about his lockout appearance with Bili Tygri HC of Liberec? 

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