Jets to TSN

Robert Cleave
August 31 2011 02:29PM



True North has been pretty successful at keeping their powder dry, but the word that leaked nearly a month ago was made official this afternoon. TSN and Sports Radio 1290 will broadcast the club's games for the next ten seasons, and the crews for radio and TV were introduced as well.  

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Bogosian Means More To Jets Than Meets The Eye

Matt Eichel
August 31 2011 01:00PM

Not meaning to flog a dead horse, but 21 year-old Zach Bogosian is and will be a very big part of the Winnipeg Jets organization moving forward.

Despite subpar numbers for a young defenseman in his first three seasons, when compared to his peers, Bogosian may be rounding into more of a two-way defenseman.

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Player types: "High Event" and "Low Event"

Cam Charron
August 29 2011 02:44PM



Let's start this with Phil Kessel. Or Eric Staal. Or somebody with a less impressive name, such as Jim Slater or Cory Stillman or Gregory Campbell. These players have a lot more in common than you might think. But we'll use Kessel as an example because he's the star player in the world's largest hockey market and a frequent earner of criticism and praise from all ranges.

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August 29 2011 12:36PM

Lowetide is back on the m-i-c this week, rested from vacation and looking to reconquer the airwaves with his first NationRadio in three weeks. This week features Kirk Luedeke, Matt Bugg, Kent WIlson, Jeff Krushnell and a list of 10 things we can look forward to from the Oilers next season.

This is NationRadio. Enjoy!

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The Kovalchuk Syndrome

Matt Eichel
August 24 2011 12:01PM

Writing a history of a team in a new city can be both difficult and thrilling.

For the newly named Jets, Winnipeg is that city.

But, as we all have heard at sometime in our life, we must learn from history to keep us from repeating it.

I'd like to take a moment to address the franchise's history - in Atlanta.

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