Trin Potratz
October 12 2014 05:57PM

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The Jets season is only two games old and the team has already played their worst and their best. After pummeling the Arizona Coyotes (am I the only one who likes the name change?) in their season debut, it seemed as if they used up all of their offense during last night's tilt with the San Jose Sharks.

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Evander Kane Out Indefinitely: Re-Evaluation in Two Weeks

Kevin McCartney
October 11 2014 07:44PM

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Paul Maurice announced Evander Kane's indefinite knee injury today as "better news than I was expecting." Re-evaluation is scheduled for two weeks, with a week-to-week timeline to follow. It's not long term, which is good for the player, but with the Jets in a tough Central Division, the team was hopeful for a playoff birth. No Jets fan needs to be told an injury to Kane this is bad for those hopes but anxiety is rising at the question 'how bad?'. Maurice offered pre-season darling Matt Halischuk as a salve, but Kane means more to this club than the vertical speed Halischuk brings. 

What can we expect to see over the next few weeks with Evander Kane out of the lineup?

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JGD 2: Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week

Kevin McCartney
October 11 2014 12:08PM


Do the Sharks still have the same bite?

The most unfortunate part about the overreaction of San Jose General Manager Doug Wilson to last year's playoff loss is that we still have to hear about their failure to close out a series against one of the best teams in the league. No brownie points for taking them to seven, or developing a blueprint for how to use speed to beat the Kings (something Maurice and staff might want to watch for during Sunday's contest).

Instead, the narrative is set as an emotional one - the team with the chip on their shoulder hosts the plucky Jets with something to prove. Alternatively, we might note that these teams are built in very similar ways, and get excited for what should be an entertaining show of outrageous athleticism between two big, fast teams.

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Nation World HQ
October 10 2014 08:38AM

The 2014-15 season is officially underway. We’re talking Phil Kessel, John Tortorella, Pacific war room, season predictions and more in this week's Roundup.

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October 09 2014 04:16PM


Can you believe it’s finally opening night (for the Oilers anyway… as if anyone else matters)?! After months of sitting around, and rehashing the same argument thousands of different ways, the NHL regular season is finally back!  That means it’s also time for another round of NationDrafts.

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