Game 29 @ NY Rangers: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 03 2013 02:59PM

Fenwick Chart via

The Winnipeg Jets confuse me. They make no sense. None. Chris Thorburn was the only player with a CF% above 50. The Jets were out-possessed, yet still managed to out-chance the Rangers. The second line’s decision to dump the puck into the corners and wait for mistakes worked? I’m so confused.

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Your Graphic Guide To 2014

Graphic Comments
December 03 2013 08:46AM

Give the gift of time!

It's like Christmas, your birthday and April Fool's Day all wrapped up in one!

This year, you can give the gift of time.

And I don't mean a lousy wristwatch. I mean, they can't even be bothered to put a full day on a watch. Twelve hours, sheesh.

No, instead of a measly twelve hours, you can give out twelve months! That's like giving someone 365 watches. How generous is that?!!

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 9: Rogers Wins Big

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 03 2013 08:23AM

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss Rogers' new TV deal, old players suing the NHL and our beloved Evander Kane. All that, plus our choices for one move to help the Jets, a game of Fair or Foul and early Christmas parties.

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Ross Smith
December 02 2013 09:26PM


What's the proper headline?Jets take a bite out of the Big Ap--- no, no, that’s not right. Jets fly right through the Big Orchard… no.  Rangers should have started Lundquist! There we go. Look, it doesn’t matter, Jets win, that’s rad, there was some exciting plays and off they go to Florida to build on all the successful elements they implemented tonight, like… well, there was Trouba blocking shots and… just how did they win this game?!

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JGD 29: Jumping the Shark

Kevin McCartney
December 02 2013 01:37PM


Our title today came from some of the twitter fallout over news that Chris Thorburn is skating in Evander Kane's place on the second line, and John Albert - not Eric O'Dell - has been recalled. Of course, the phrase is a long standing reference to the episode of Happy Days in which the Fonz water-skied over a shark, signaling to audiences that the show was out of ideas and had lost its original charm. 

For that reason, I typed "jumped the shark" into google images. That decision would change all our lives, as this article immediately became a platform for a contest to determine which image from that search is the absolute worst ever. 

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