Home Opener Hangover

Matt Eichel
October 16 2011 02:09PM



It is now well known that the Winnipeg Jets do not like home openers.

After losing the second one they were a part of this season Saturday night, they no longer have to be involved in one until next year.

A fact the Phoenix Coyotes can't really say for sure they will be a part of in Glendale next year.

But the 0-3 Jets haven't shown much in the category of awe and wonder when it comes to play on the ice.

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October 16 2011 02:07PM

One week into the NHL season and there are already a ton of items on Lowetide's agenda this week. Arena talk in Edmonton, Luongo's early season struggles in Vancouver and a detailed look at the Oilers' AHL affiliate in Oklahoma.

This is NationRadio.

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Six thoughts: @Blackhawks and @Coyotes

Cam Charron
October 16 2011 01:03PM

So a rough two-game road trip results in 4-3 and 4-1 losses to Chicago and Phoenix, respectively. Let's give credit where credit is due and say that Phoenix had a pretty good atmosphere for their home opener. Lots of duelling chants were heard on TV and a lot of passion in that building.

So, six thoughts on the last two games...

-I really like how Byfuglien jumps up into the play and can be an extra forward on many occasions. When he jumps forward into the play, he's often the best shooter up there. The problem thus far with Byfuglien is that he's really been shut down and it only looks like he's got one or two good shots away thus far in the season. Worth noting however that he is the only defenseman to ever crack 300 shots in a season, and he didn't really start going until seven games in last year (scored his first goal in Game Five) so it's a matter of "trust the process" for him.

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Player types: Conclusion, and in defense of the "low-event" superstar

Cam Charron
October 16 2011 09:18AM



Well, after a couple of weeks of research and organizing and sorting, we got six basic standard "player types" that are sorted between "high- and low-event" players that I'll be using for a little bit more of my analysis on the Nations.

If you missed it, those six player types are:

The Two-Way Forward
The Defensive Forward
The Offensive Liability
The No-Way Forward
The Defensive Liability
The Offensive Forward

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Invasion! Jets v Coyotes G3

Dean Belanger
October 15 2011 09:34AM

Tonight the traveling circus known as the Winnipeg Jets 3.0 and legions of their fans square off in Phoenix. You may have heard of the Coyotes, aka Winnipeg Jets 2.0, who were a whisker away from coming home on two occasions. If you have never seen a game in Glendale you should plan a nice week long vacation there around the Coyotes schedule. Beautiful facility and a great town. There is nothing quite like walking up to a game in December or January wearing shorts and flip-flops. I don’t have the numbers of how many Jets fans will be there tonight but I would estimate at least 4,000. I personally know 4 people who will be there. Should be a great time!
It was interesting to hear many Jets fans cheering in the first period in Chicago on Wednesday night. I think that is going to be the norm for the Jets this year. Their fans are scattered all over North America.

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