Steve Dangle
October 19 2012 10:35PM



Remember when hockey was on the ice and actually played? I found some!

KHL action featuring a goal from Pavel Datsyuk that makes me rethink my entire existence, Ilya Kovalchuk is also nuts, Grabovski continues to put up numbers, and Yakupov's team falls. 

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KHL Update: Grabo Goal, More of Malkin, Unlucky Chara, and more

Steve Dangle
October 17 2012 06:18PM


Hey look! Actual hockey!

Here's today's KHL highlights, featuring Mikail Grabovski, Evgeni Malkin, Zdeno Chara, and more.

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Some Thoughts on the NHL's Proposal

Kent Wilson
October 17 2012 11:21AM



In case you missed, the NHL has published their proposal to the players union on today in stark black and white for the public's perusal. Getting past any cynical deductions about why the league would choose to finally share a proposal in living color with the fans at large, the deal itself contains a number of fascinating items that go well beyond the primary issues that were reported yesterday.

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Zach Bogosian, And His 2008 Draft Compadres

Dimitri Filipovic
October 17 2012 08:57AM

A lot can happen in four years. Every four years we have a leap year, we get to watch the spectacle that is the Winter Olympics, and we're treated to the World Cup. Four years is also the length of time a running back in the NFL tends to remain relevant. 

For these purposes, though, the four year window has a different sort of significance. It has been four years since the much-heralded 2008 NHL entry draft. On June 20th, 2008 we witnessed 12 defensemen get taken in the first round, with four of the first five picks being blueliners. 

Taking a defensemen that high is a questionable strategy, given what we know about their developmental curves and success rate of panning out. But it's hard to argue with the results of this particular draft.

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KHL Update: Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, and the Top 10 Goals & Saves of the Week

Steve Dangle
October 16 2012 07:43PM


So apparently the NHL season might start on November 2nd. Until then, keep your fingers crossed, sit back, and check out these KHL videos! 

We have the Top 10 goals and saves of this past week, as well as highlights of Kovalchuk slinging sauce in SKA's 7-3 win, as well as Ovechkin doing good stuff and not-so-good stuff.

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