Jets 2014/15 Depth Chart: Right Wing

Kevin McCartney
July 22 2014 02:55PM


Until last season, the Jets had employed a host of would-be centres and waiver wire additions in prominent roles on the right wing. Antropov, Wellwood, Burmistrov, Miettinen, and Santorelli all played significant minutes on the starboard while with the team. Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise, then, that this position was a bit of a mess last season. 

Still, unlike the left wing, at this time last year it seemed like the team had finally found a solution. All of Frolik, Setoguchi, and Halischuk joined the team in a single off-season, along with two-way deals for Jerome Samson and Andrew Gordon. Instead, the team converted one of their top defenders to play this wing, put Setoguchi in a position to fail, lost Halischuk to injury and ineffectiveness, and let Samson and Gordon play their whole seasons in the minors. Only Frolik emerged as a solution, and he now awaits an arbitrator to determine his contract amount. 

Some teams can turn a hunk of clay into an NHL player. And some teams take the opposite approach.

The primary questions we ask ourselves in this series are how many goals we can expect and how the depth chart measures up to the rest of the Division.

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Does Ehlers Have A Shot At Opening Night?

Trin Potratz
July 21 2014 08:03PM

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When the Jets stepped up to the podium to make their first selection of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft in Philadelphia, they selected Danish LW Nikolaj Ehlers. This kid can flat out play, and he honed his skills in the same place Nate MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin did. That is with the Halifax Mooseheads.

Kevin McCartney wrote an article looking at the Jets left wing depth chart, and to be blunt, it's a sparse looking group beyond Evander Kane and Andrew Ladd. Mark Scheifele made the roster on opening night after his draft year, so does Ehlers have a shot?

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Jets 2014/15 Depth Chart: Left Wing

Kevin McCartney
July 21 2014 03:07PM


We continue our look at the 2014/15 Jets depth chart with an installment on the left wing. (Centre is here.)

A year ago, the Jets hit October 1st without 4 natural left wingers, and with both Eric Tangradi and James Wright on the official roster sheet. That lack of depth caused all sorts of havoc throughout the year, with almost every eventual dog-house occupant first filling the 3LW role no matter how outlandish. Halischuk, Thorburn, Setoguchi, Byfuglien, O'Dell, and more played in that spot, and none of them comfortably. 

This season, it seems the Jets' port side is in flux. More ink has been spilled about Evander Kane than any sane person can possibly read in a lifetime, and so we won’t dwell. Suffice to say that this depth chart may look quite different come October. Regardless of that potential change, the depth of the position hasn't been addressed this off-season. 

The primary questions we ask ourselves in this series are how many goals we can expect and how the depth chart measures up to the rest of the Division.

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Is Dustin Penner A Fit???

Trin Potratz
July 20 2014 07:15PM

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It's the most boring time of the year for any die-hard hockey fan. The craziness of the free agency period is ultimately over, and arbitration dates are the most exciting thing.

To keep writers and readers like me intrigued, we'll start seeing various articles that are strictly speculation. The mind wanders and hockey-obssessed people like me will look for anything to chew on for a bit. Today I was reading through Facebook fan posts to see what some Jets fans were thinking about, and I came across an innocent comment about Dustin Penner.

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Trin Potratz
July 20 2014 01:09PM

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It’s no secret that the Jets have tension in their relationship with young power forward Evander Kane. It’s also no secret that Kane’s name has come up in trade rumours.

Rumours can simply be rumours, but if those rumours were to be true, what could Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff do to make the best of a bad situation?

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