Jets Claim Brett MacLean

Kent Wilson
October 06 2011 10:38AM



Winnipeg added another body this morning, claiming 23-year old Brett MacLean off of waivers from the Phoenix Coyotes.

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Penalty-Killing Plugs

JP Nikota
October 06 2011 07:32AM


Michael Langlois made an interesting comment on the Leafs season preview podcast that was published on the Globe's website yesterday. He pointed out that, to his memory, most of the best penalty-killing forwards (going back for decades) were the best all-around players, and not those we have come to think of as a "PK specialists".

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SWOTing the Jets Offense: The Kids are Alright

MC Hockey
October 04 2011 12:43PM



The regular season looms so here begins Part 2 of my SWOT analysis of the Jets players coming into 2011-12, with the focus on the forwards this time. Hopefully my analysis is not overly self-contradictory but there is a fine balance to be observed in dealing with the uncertainties of the mena and events that transpire in professional sports.

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SWOTing the Jets Defense: The Big Buff Theory

MC Hockey
October 03 2011 11:04AM


In a series of 3 articles, I will undertake a SWOT analysis on the Winnipeg Jets players. SWOT is a process utilized in business which entails an analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of an organization or project. It is typically done to plan for the future activities and hopefully for success. So let's get it started noting that most statistics below come from either the official NHL website for the regular stuff (goals, assists, plus minus) while advanced statistics (you will know when you see them) come from unless noted:

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Jets Sign Scheifele

Kent Wilson
October 03 2011 08:22AM



News on twitter from various quarters this morning is the Jets have signed first rounder Mark Scheifele to an entry level contract. It's pretty standard procedure for new prospects to get inked relatively quickly, but the timing suggests the youngster may have convinced the club to keep him around rather than send him back to junior.

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