Jets Nation 2013 Year-End Awards: Best Forward

Kevin McCartney
May 04 2013 04:00PM


We nominated, you voted, and the results are in. All this week we'll be revealing your reader picks with our writers' perspectives for the Jets Nation 2013 Year-End Awards. From the obvious (Claude Noel for Best Hockey Dad) to the obscene ([redacted]), the Nation has spoken on who gets the virtual hardware. Today, we begin with the Jets' Best Forward.

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May 04 2013 02:30PM


The leader in streakcred - Rmo2000 - has now crashed and burned and his streak is over at 8 wins in a row. In fact the entire top 20 players in the game have all lost their streaks and everyone is starting again from zero. This is the time for the second wave of people looking to play to get involved.

We need you Nation, team entries are lagging way behind what we thought they would be by now. Keep reading after the jump if you want to see your ol' pal Wanye beg you to support deserving charities.

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Jets Season In Review: Final Summary

Travis Hrubeniuk
May 03 2013 02:10PM


So close, yet so so far away. Finishing with a record of 24-21-3, the 2013 Winnipeg Jets ended the season with 51 points - a mere four short of the New York Islanders and that highly coveted playoff spot. Unfortunately those four points have changed the tone of Jets fans everywhere from glee and hope to reflection and questioning, and thus here I am writing a review on the season rather than a preview of the newly-branded Winnipeg Jets first playoff matchup.

So buckle up folks. Throughout this week I’ve worked my way through the forwards, defensemen, goalies, coaching, and finish today with a summary and my opinions on this season.

(Big thanks to behindthenet,,, capgeek, and for all the upcoming numbers)

Three Burning Questions

As a final summary to my week-long review of the 2013 Winnipeg Jets season, I will answer three major questions. 1) Did the Jets overachieve? 2) Where did things go wrong? 3) What needs to be done from here?

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The way I saw it - my Winnipeg Jets season review

Brett Martin
May 03 2013 09:20AM


With the Regular Season over, it officially marks the begining of a whole new season - Season in Review Season. A favourite time of year for navel gazers, it allows writers and readers alike to look back on things that we may or may not have remembered, all while allowing the moment we're currenty living in to pass through our fingers as we recall times gone by. It's hilarious, actually. It is in that spirit that I push aside my current responsibilites and present to you my Winnipeg Jets season in review.

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Thinking with an Empty Net: GM Presser, Draft Extras, and Roster Opportunities

Kevin McCartney
May 02 2013 07:04PM

Every week or so, I have a few thoughts. This week I congratulate myself for not throwing things during Cheveldayoff's press conference, toss out a bit of extra data from the on-going Marcel Comeau evaluation, and muse on what the roster could look like next year. A smattering of my synaptic output below.

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