Report: Jets listening hard to offers for Evander Kane

Thomas Drance
February 05 2015 10:01AM

The relationship between Evander Kane and the Winnipeg Jets is eroding quickly, and it seems like we'll see some movement one way or another this week.

The 23-year-old power forward has skill to burn, but he's playing hurt, and has obviously been in Paul Maurice's cross hairs over wearing sweat pants to a team meeting (or something). It would appear that surgery is an option for the skilled, young winger - who wasn't present for Winnipeg's practice on Thursday - but it's interesting to note that Kane is reportedly being made available on the trade market also.

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The Anatomy of a Losing Streak: Why have the Jets dropped 5 straight?

Thomas Drance
February 05 2015 10:00AM

It wasn't long ago that the much improved Winnipeg Jets appeared to have all but punched their ticket to Lord Stanley's annual blood bath and gala. 

Then the All-Star break ended and the shirt collars of True North executives on Portage Street began to get oh so ever subtly tighter. The Jets have now dropped five straight, picking up just one measly loser point along the way. 

This recent run of feckless play has caused the Jets' playoff odds to plummet. After briefly touching 90 percent in January, their odds of qualifying for the postseason for the first time in the Jets 2.0 era have fallen below 60 percent, according to

So what's going wrong in Winnipeg? Let's get stuck into it.

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IceCaps Recap – February 5th 2015

Josh W
February 05 2015 08:00AM



Welcome to the first installment of the IceCaps Recap where we review all the weekly activity of the St. John’s IceCaps the AHL affiliation of the Winnipeg Jets. Similar to the Future NHEhlers weekly article we will review all the stats and news we can find for your IceCaps.

This week the IceCaps walked away with 3 of 4 points thanks to a 4-1 victory and a shootout loss.  Continue past the jump to read what went down.

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Report: Evander Kane was scratched over sweat pants

Thomas Drance
February 04 2015 09:09PM

In the wake of Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice making forward Evander Kane a healthy scratch for mysterious disciplinary reasons in his hometown on Tuesday night, the internet busily concocted all manner of insane rumours to explain what Kane had done to deserve his punishment.

As it turns out, we were all sweating the small stuff. We were all sweating sweat pants actually.

Kane was reportedly scratched for a dress code violation when he showed up for a midday team meeting in sweats rather than a suit, according to Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press. They must have been the world's most offensively tacky pair of Kappas, since they could threaten Kane's future with the Jets.

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Healthy Scratch Reax: The fallout

Thomas Drance
February 04 2015 06:53PM

On Tuesday night, Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice decided to discipline forward Evander Kane for a vaguely defined infraction. He opted to make Kane a healthy scratch for a key game against the Vancouver Canucks. 

This isn't the first time Kane has been disciplined in this manner during his Winnipeg tenure, and it's far from the first time that he's found himself in the centre of controversy. 

Let's round up some of the reaction from around the hockey world.

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