Six thoughts: Jets 3-1 Hurricanes

Cam Charron
September 29 2011 02:58PM



The Winnipeg Jets made their primetime national TV debut last night as they beat the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 with generally an NHL roster against a pretty marginal one for the Canes. This was the first time I've been able to watch this team over anything more than a scoresheet and boxscore, and was quite impressed with their overall team speed.

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Jason Gregor
September 29 2011 11:08AM



 Eleven has been my favourite number since I can remember. I had short affairs with some higher ups like 17, 19 and 23, but 11 has always been the number that made me feel the most confident. It is strange how a lucky number can impact our psyche or our minds, yet today on the 11th anniversary of my father’s passing I have an eerie mixture of confidence and yearning.

 Eleven years ago today, my father, William Arthur Gregor, passed away at the young age of 56. Dad had a massive heart attack in his car at a red light in Sherwood Park. He had quit smoking a few years earlier, wasn’t a heavy drinker or overweight, but sadly it was his time.


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Jets Game Day: Ruminations

Robert Cleave
September 28 2011 11:24AM



Jets 2.0 return to their home this evening for the penultimate outing of the pre-season, and there seems to be one topic that's dominating discussion. As Matt noted yesterday, there's a bit of unwarranted pressure on the club from a good chunk of the fan base to keep their prize rookie in town, although I'm not in that number. Anyone familiar with my scribblings knows I'm not one to advocate rushing players.

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The Scheifele Conundrum

Matt Eichel
September 27 2011 07:25AM

If there is one thing Winnipeggers are a seeming split on, it's what to do with rookie sensation Mark Scheifele.
Three months ago, newly minted Jets fans were turning to each other and scratching their heads when GM Kevin Cheveldayoff shocked the 2011 NHL Entry Draft by nabbing Scheifele at the seven spot.
Now, Jets fans are praising Cheveldayoff as a pure genius.

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Lost Russians: Winnipeg Jets

Kent Wilson
September 26 2011 12:32PM



(Editors Note: Andrey Osadchenko is the senior Russian Correspondent at the Nations Network. He writes regularly in Russian at, and has a series of web videos called "Joining the Rush" with Steve Dangle. Today Andrey catches up with some of the former Russian-born draft picks of the Jets organization. The piece underscores why drafting Russian-born players has gone somewhat out of style; simply put, it's a risky proposition.)

By: Andrey Osadchenko

Technically the Jets are a very young organization and almost every project they are stuck with isn’t their fault but the Thrashers’. And while one can fairly point out that the Georgia-based team made it to the play-offs only once in their history, they still managed to pick arguably the best Russian player in the league a decade ago – Ilya Kovalchuk.

However, along with Kovy the Thrashers made a few questionable decisions when it came to his compatriots. Let’s have a look on their Ruskies List.

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