So Far, So Good For Manitoba's Team

Matt Eichel
October 02 2011 03:07PM



This past week, as I sat in a Tim Horton's on Pembina Highway between seven and eleven in the morning, I could not help but overhear many of the ongoing conversations between other patrons sitting beside me.

Almost every conversation that morning in that Tim Hortons started with talking about the Jets.

As I wore my white Jets hat and tapped in my article about the Jets and what to do with Mark Scheifele, I barely held myself from joining in on a conversation with strangers - all of them strangers.

But not just strangers - Winnipeggers.

They're happy to have their team back - and most importantly the love their team.

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The First Annual Nation Network Hockey Pool

Jonathan Willis
October 02 2011 02:19PM

Due to the high volume of requests, for the first time ever the Nation Network will launch a hockey pool open to all of our faithful readers! Details are after the jump.

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October 02 2011 01:32PM


As the 2011-12 NHL season draws closer and closer we are getting ready for the second season of NationRadio. There are some exciting things being planned for this year and one of the most exciting is the announcement of our title sponsor Edmonton Motors.

You think that Lowetide's demands to be paid in 17th century Russian tapestries is cheap? Certainly not - it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars per week. We need to keep the sponsors happy to keep Lowetide happy to keep all our beloved listeners happy. Its a circle of happiness sponsored by Edmonton Motors and we can't be more pleased to be working with our newest partner.

This is NationRadio.

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Player types: The offensive forward

Cam Charron
October 02 2011 08:56AM



Earlier, I introduced on The Nations Network a new way of looking at a player's plus/minus rating, specifically to do with on-ice shot differential, in an effort to learn more about teams and players.

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Six thoughts: Jets 3-1 Hurricanes

Cam Charron
September 29 2011 02:58PM



The Winnipeg Jets made their primetime national TV debut last night as they beat the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 with generally an NHL roster against a pretty marginal one for the Canes. This was the first time I've been able to watch this team over anything more than a scoresheet and boxscore, and was quite impressed with their overall team speed.

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