Now The Jets Can Make Some Noise

Scott Taylor
November 27 2011 12:11PM

 If you happened to watch all three games played by the Winnipeg Jets this past week, you'd definitely get the feeling that this team is, at least, competing.

When the Jets left on their three-game road trip on Tuesday, they were 8-9-3 and coming off three improesive wins at home. They played hard in a 4-3 overtime loss in Washington, dominated the medicore Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 and then lost 4-2 to the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. They played quite well against the Bruins, but couldn't hold a 2-0 lead and will return home with a record of 9-10-4. While, at times, the trip looked good, it was, in the end, good-looking wheel-spinning. Harsh, perhaps, but that's the bare reality.

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Bombers v Lions – You’re my boy blue, you’re my boy…

Dean Belanger
November 27 2011 08:27AM

Yes this is a website dedicated to all things Winnipeg Jets, but the Nation is famous for breaking all the rulz. (see how I tried for street cred with the spelling…that’s for you Wanye!) So on that note we are going to post a GDB in honour of good old our team the mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs the Godless puppy haters from BC.

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Gobble Gobble – US Thanksgiving and Canadian team’s playoff chances

Dean Belanger
November 26 2011 12:16PM

So the theory is that if you have a playoff spot near the end of November, you are likely going to hold onto that spot and be a playoff team. Obviously, nothing is written in stone but the percentages are very good and by we should be able to know the difference between a hot start and a talented team.

According to data from the Toronto Star in 2010: 77.5% of teams that held a playoff spot on Thanksgiving made the playoffs. 84% of teams with 17 or fewer points did not make the playoffs. 89% of teams with 28 or more points made the playoffs. With that in mind, let’s look at the Canadian Team’s chances.

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Winnipeg As "...a Unit of 20"

Nation World HQ
November 26 2011 08:08AM

Claude Noel should be given some credit. After a rocky start, the head coach of the Winnipeg Jets is starting to get a pretty good feel for his hockey team.

Friday night, shortly after Noel's Winnipeg Jets beat the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 in Raieigh to go 1-0-1 on this three-game road swing, Noel told reporters, "We play pretty well when we play as a unit of 20. I like the way we played tonight and I like our group."

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Jason Strudwick
November 24 2011 03:34PM

Last week Archaeology asked a great question about players accepting different roles on a team. This is an interesting topic that GMs, Coaches and players alike wrestle with every year.

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