The Difference between Byfuglien and Suter in Two Pictures

Kevin McCartney
December 28 2013 05:35AM

Big Buf wants some love

Before the game against Minnesota, Gary Lawless tweeted a not-so-subtle criticism of Dustin Byfuglien as part of the on going campaign to villify the star defender, stating it "should be an interesting exercise to compare the games of Buff and Ryan Suter."

I wrote about what Byfuglien does on this roster here - namely, play the leagues best forwards, possess the puck more than the opposition, and score on pace with Subban, Letang, and Erik Karlsson. But I realize the numbers are just one side of things.

Inside are two photos that sum up the difference between Ryan Suter and Dustin Byfuglien better than any 1,000 words I can come up with.

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Jets Post-Game 40: Taking What's Available

Kevin McCartney
December 28 2013 05:11AM

The Jets won in convincing fashion against the badly struggling Wild playing the injured and out-of-sorts Nik Backstrom between the pipes. The home team out-hit and out-shot the Wild, and managed to control the flow of play through most of the contest. But a 6-4 score still came down to luck and near misses after Pavelec gave up three goals on the opposition's first six shots. 

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JGD 40: Cause and Effect

Kevin McCartney
December 27 2013 02:44PM

In the event they lose, the Jets have a ready-made excuse for tonight's game. Coach Claude Noel is clearly stuck in a temporal rift, and is forever repeating the same coaching mistakes until someone can free him. It's like that Groundhog's Day inspired episode of Star Trek "Cause and Effect" turned into a hockey team. Until Noel can realize he's in the loop and adjust his decisions accordingly, he's doomed to repeat failure.

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Game 39 at Edmonton: Scoring Chances and Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 27 2013 12:32PM

Fenwick Chart via

After watching this game on Christmas Eve (I then felt a need to dive deep into a few cups of strong egg nog), I decided that I would not destroy my holiday. I waited until today to write about this game. I figured that it would allow the anger that built up within me to settle, and maybe by that point I would have words to explain what happened. Sadly, I don’t. I’ll try my best though, and then pray for something better tonight.

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Game 39 at Edmonton: Pavelec Performance Tracker and Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 27 2013 12:18PM

So how was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was fantastic, except for the constant thought in the back of my mind that I would eventually have to touch back on this "game" once more before finally moving on from it.

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