April 29 2013 04:03PM

Have you received positive reviews at work lately? Perhaps a supervisor or boss commended you for "excellent use of time around the office" or a "focus on efficiency?" Well throw that attitude out the window friends. It's time to waste some time during the playoffs. Some serious time. I'm talkin' bout StreakCred - the Nation Network Playoff Game.

Curious? Of course you are. Who wants to climb the corporate ladder anyway? AMIRITE?*

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Jets Season in Review: Forwards

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 29 2013 02:13PM


So close, yet so so far away. Finishing with a record of 24-21-3, the 2013 Winnipeg Jets ended the season with 51 points. A mere four short of the New York Islanders and that highly coveted playoff spot. Unfortunately those four points have changed the tone of Jets fans everywhere from glee and hope to reflection and questioning, and thus here I am writing a review on the season rather than a preview of the newly-branded Winnipeg Jets first playoff matchup.

Buckle up, folks. Throughout this week I’m going to work my way through the forwards, defensemen, goalies, and finish with a summary and my opinions on this season. Today, I go over the Winnipeg Jets forwards.

(Big thanks to behindthenet,,, capgeek, and for all the upcoming numbers)

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Throwing darts: Evaluating Jets Head Scout Marcel Comeau Part 2

Kevin McCartney
April 26 2013 03:34PM


Marcel Comeau has been the Head Scout of the Atlanta Thrashers and now Winnipeg Jets since 2003. This season will mark his 11th draft with the organization, and as Cheveldayoff continues to preach patience and hope, we will have a look at the man in charge of delivering a hockey team from a list of teenagers. 

Part 1 of our evaluation looked at where Comeau and the scouting team draw talent from, finding a pattern of selecting players from outside the top development programs of the world. Further, Comeau has a known preference for players with grit and notably desires player character. He was quoted as saying his preference is for players "you'd like to share a foxhole with at some point in time."

In Part 2, we'll begin our evaluation in earnest. Knowing how he sees the game a little better, what is Comeau's record of success at drafting? There are many ways to measure this, but Part 2 will focus on what was delivered against what can be reasonably expected by round. We'll use drafts years 2003 to 2010 (8 drafts in total) to ask the following - given the average rate of finding NHL players in a given round, has Marcel Comeau graduated enough quality players to indicate success?

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Game #48 - The Return of the Whiteout, or the Last Game? Jets vs Canadiens

Brett Martin
April 25 2013 11:58AM




After a wild year of ups-and-downs, it all comes to this. Tonight features the 48th and final game of the Regular Season for your Winnipeg Jets. It's pretty simple at this point. Win, and there could be a playoff spot, a potential return of the Whiteout, and maybe (probably) even a Stanley Cup. 

Lose, and it's all over. Lose, and there's no playoffs, no White Noise, no 3rd Cup for Andrew Ladd just yet. Even worse, we'll be doubly subjected to the insufferable Maple Leaf fanbase going head-over-heels about the fact that the richest team in professional Hockey finally made it back to the playoffs after 9 years, a time so long ago that there wasn't even a facebook or a twitter for them to prattle on about their medicority with. As you can see, the situation is dire - a Win has never been so important.

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Game #47 At Washington: The Game

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 23 2013 11:46AM

Washington Capitals (25-18-2) Vs.
Your Winnipeg Jets (24-19-3)
Last Meeting:
March 22nd, Jets 1 - Capitals 6
TV: TSN Jets
Puck Drop: 6:00 (CT)


Here it is. The game that Jets management, Jets players, Jets coaches, and Jets fans have had circled on their calendars for weeks. It’s already been said today by many, players included, but this is the biggest game of the year.

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