Jets Scoring Chances: Midseason Review

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 03 2014 10:16AM

This week the Jets surpassed the 41-game midway point of the NHL season and I can’t think of a better time than now to give you all a half season update on the Jets scoring chance numbers. Just to be clear, this data if from the first 41 games of the season and therefore doesn’t include the Jets last couple games. Check here for my 20 game update so you can understand my reference points.

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JGD 43: We're Going to Ottawa!

Kevin McCartney
January 02 2014 02:14PM

The best team Manitoba ever sent to Ottawa. Louis Riel and his councillors, 1869

It might have just been 2013 that the Red River Rebels entered the Canadian capital to play the Bureaucrats,but it feels like an age. The central question will be as it always has been with Ottawa - who will dictate how this game is played? 

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Game 42 vs Buffalo: Neutral Zone Play and Montoya Performance

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 02 2014 10:04AM

The Jets has a rather poor game in the neutral zone on Tuesday night, but were lucky enough to be playing the Sabres, who were even worse.  The Jets were still far too skilled to lose against a completely pitiful team from Buffalo.

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Game 42 vs Buffalo: Scoring Chances and Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 02 2014 10:00AM

Chart via

The Jets managed to close out an interesting 2013 with a win against the woeful Buffalo Sabers. A team that is about as threatening offensively as a 6-month old kitten allowed the Jets to play a somewhat questionable game and still come away with a pretty dominating performance.

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Jets Post-Game 42: Happy New Year!

Kevin McCartney
December 31 2013 10:35PM


It wasn't the best game the Jets have ever played, but no one on the Sabres was able to punish them for it, and Al Montoya led his team to a shutout win over the lowly Sabres. As it should be.

With order restored over the Panthers and Sabres, the Jets can retire 2013 with a smile, and Jets fans can usher in the new year with a joy we didn't feel during the lockout. 

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