Game 17 @ Chicago: Montoya and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 08 2013 11:41AM

For how well the Jets came together as a group in the absence of Evander Kane on Monday, they clearly missed him on Wednesday night. Entering Chicago’s zone truly became a struggle.

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Jets Post-Game 17: 20% Better Than Last Time

Kevin McCartney
November 06 2013 09:50PM

Even this drunk guy was beating the Jets in the corner

It's hard as a fan base to have your hopes raised and dashed repeatedly. No one truly believed the team could put on a show in Chicago they way they did Monday night against a tired and beat-up Detroit team, but it's hard not to hope that Montoya would pull a Wade Flaherty from May 19, 1995 - 56 saves, willing his team to victory - instead of a Wade Flaherty from the rest of time. 

We got our dose of reality. And yeah, it hurt.

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JGD 17: Making Rivals

Kevin McCartney
November 06 2013 02:26PM

Chicago, 100 years ago

The Jets joining a new Division this year gave fans and the players alike an instant opportunity for meaningful rivalries based on geography and shared history. But one further ingredient is needed to build a rivalry - competition.

Can the Jets compete with Chicago?

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Game 16 vs Detroit: Entries and Montoya

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 06 2013 05:04AM

The Jets provided their fans with possibly their best home effort of the season on Monday night, sparking a little bit of hope into a fan base that was losing it fast. Before their rematch against a Blackhawk team that dominated them Saturday, we take a look at the zone entries and evaluate Al Montoya’s performance from Monday.

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October Success Equals Playoff Rewards: Season Starts Through Jets Franchise History

Luke Dixon
November 05 2013 03:55PM

One month down, six to go. 

The Jets began the 2013/14 campaign winning their first two games, something that had not occured since the 2009-2010 season when they were still the Atlanta Thrashers. Ending the first month a meager 5-7-2, the Jets sat in sixth place in the Central Division with just 12 points.

With hopes for just the second playoff appearance in Franchise history, we look into how this October stacks up against season starts since the expansion Thrashers joined the league in 1999.

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