Jets Organizational Sketch: Blue Chips and Top Prospects

Kevin McCartney
July 27 2013 04:19PM


Photo by Tom Lube, courtesy Wikicommons Images

Recently over at Oilers Nation, Jonathan Willis went through the Oilers' prospect cupboard in an effort to identify strengths and weaknesses in the team's program to build from within. It's a valuable exercise for the rebuilding Jets as well, so I've decided to replicate it here. Below we'll start our sketch of the Jets prospect depth with their top prospects in two categories: Blue Chip prospects who are very likely to make an impact at the NHL level, and Legitimate Prospects, or those who have a good chance at NHL action but come with more risk or lower ceilings. 

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Wheels In Motion

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 27 2013 01:52AM

Hello, Jets Nation! I know you. You probably don't know me. I write about a team that you probably don't like very much across the network. That said, I don't mind you guys. Your arena is loud, your logo is incredible, and any city that recognizes that having an Ikea is a big deal wins my vote of confidence. But that's not the point of this post, The point of this post is simple; I like Blake Wheeler, and I like this 6 year contract announced yesterday night. 

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Jets at Olympic Camps

Travis Hrubeniuk
July 24 2013 12:47PM


Following the announcement of NHL participation in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Monday saw many countries announce the players that will be attending camps for their respective hockey teams. To the pleasure of Winnipeg fans everywhere, there were many Jets scattered among four of those lists. Today we take a look at the players mentioned, some that weren’t, and my thoughts on each.

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Jets Agree to Terms with RFA Bryan Little, Avoid Arbitration

Kevin McCartney
July 23 2013 04:41AM


Photo by clydeorama

Hooray! The first of the Big 3 RFAs has been signed! Twenty-five year old two-way centre Bryan Little agreed to a 5 year, $23.5M contract yesterday, narrowly avoiding his July 24th arbitration hearing. Little enjoyed a career year with the Jets in the lockout shortened 2013, scoring on pace for 55 points in 82 games while centering the top line against the opposition's best players. The cap hit of $4.7M represents the high end of what was expected for the six year veteran, and certainly the Jets paid in full for the services of the former 12th overall pick. Nevertheless, Little is an anchor in all three disciplines for the Jets, playing nearly a third of every hockey game - usually the third the Jets don't lose. 

Below we'll cover the contract and the player separately.

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Jets Schedule Highlights...Finally

Travis Hrubeniuk
July 22 2013 09:59PM


Yeah yeah we are a little late to the “schedule release party”. We have lives too. Sorry. It’s here now, so enjoy it for what it’s worth okay? Plus, now we aren’t clumped in with all the other schedule explosion pieces. We like to show up fashionably late some times. But yeah, without any further delay, here are some of the major points and what you need to know from the Jets 2013-14 schedule:

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