Jets through 23: An Overview

Robert Cleave
November 29 2011 11:05AM



With the Jets home for an extended period, it's time to re-examine the club's performance via the underlying numbers, as a follow up to my review in late October. 

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Nation Network Hockey Pool, November 27th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 28 2011 12:30AM

It was a close thing, but last week's leader held off a strong challenge to remain in first for a second consecutive week.

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November 27 2011 09:06PM

Congratulations to the 2011 Grey Cup Champion BC Lions!

If you haven't had your fill of sports for the weekend might we suggest having a lil listen to some of the most knowledgeable hockey folks around?

This is NationRadio.

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Now The Jets Can Make Some Noise

Scott Taylor
November 27 2011 12:11PM

 If you happened to watch all three games played by the Winnipeg Jets this past week, you'd definitely get the feeling that this team is, at least, competing.

When the Jets left on their three-game road trip on Tuesday, they were 8-9-3 and coming off three improesive wins at home. They played hard in a 4-3 overtime loss in Washington, dominated the medicore Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 and then lost 4-2 to the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. They played quite well against the Bruins, but couldn't hold a 2-0 lead and will return home with a record of 9-10-4. While, at times, the trip looked good, it was, in the end, good-looking wheel-spinning. Harsh, perhaps, but that's the bare reality.

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Bombers v Lions – You’re my boy blue, you’re my boy…

Dean Belanger
November 27 2011 08:27AM

Yes this is a website dedicated to all things Winnipeg Jets, but the Nation is famous for breaking all the rulz. (see how I tried for street cred with the spelling…that’s for you Wanye!) So on that note we are going to post a GDB in honour of good old our team the mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs the Godless puppy haters from BC.

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