Young Stars Tournament Day Two: Jets Take Off

Kevin McCartney
September 07 2013 07:06PM

The Nations Network sent some Jets Nation writers to the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, BC this year. We'll have game reviews and practice notes throughout the weekend around the Network and on twitter @nhljetsnation, @kevinmccart, and @brettmartinlive

The Jets prospects had an impressive debut in their first game of the Young Stars tournament last night against the San Jose Sharks' prospects. In a 5-3 victory, the Jets put on a dynamic offensive performance, including two goals by former Islander Brenden Kichton. Though Scheifele wore the captain's "C," the team was led by the performance of Lowry, linemates JC Lipon and Nic Petan, and their blueline. Inside we'll go over some of the tactical aspects of the game and then look how each Jet played. 

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It's Go Time!

Brett Martin
September 06 2013 11:37PM

Pretty lucky, us members of JetsNation are. This week marks the unofficial begining of the 2013-2014 NHL Season, as the Young Starts Prospect Tournament gets going in Penticton. It's a legitimate event on the NHL calender, one that is attended by Hockey Media heavyweights like TSN's Bob Mackenzie, amongst others.  Also there, somewhat less understandably, is yours truly, as JetsNation boss Kevin McCartney (who's already there, that go-getter) and I descend on the Country's most hopping retirement community to catch some future NHL'ers.

I'm pretty excited as a) this means Hockey is back, b) my personal hell of a summer is over, and c) we'll get to relay to you a good look-see at the next wave of Winnipeg Jets. What other Jets blog out there can offer you this kind of coverage? Not a one! Unless some of them are indeed there, in which case, I will neither apologize nor acknowledge their existence.

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Nations Network at the Young Stars Tournament

Kevin McCartney
September 05 2013 11:28AM



Photo by Tom Lube at Wikimedia

The annual Young Stars Tournament starts today in sunny Penticton, BC featuring the prospects and young pros of the Oilers, Flames, Jets, Canucks, and Sharks. It's a chance for teams to hold a competitive rookie camp, and a chance for us to see the quality of players and development systems we often wait years to evaluate.

So, of course, the Nations Network will be there! We'll be bringing you player and game reports, news and analysis, and all the pictures of me in sport coats you can handle.

Have a favourite prospect you'd like us to keep an eye on? You can let us know in the comments or through twitter. Jets Nation pulled the lucky straw to attend this year, so you can follow us and chat with us on twitter here:

  • Jets Nation: @nhljetsnation
  • Kevin McCartney: @kevinmccart
  • Brett Martin: @brettmartinlive

You can also stream the games free through the team sites. Below is the tournament schedule as well as a teaser and links for each team's roster.

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Men's Health: Time to practice our nutiquette

Kevin McCartney
September 02 2013 11:12AM

As lovers of hockey, we can be a bit obtuse about health. Every year we wait to hear the gruesome news of playoff pain heroically endured. Greg Campbell breaks his leg and finishes his shift, we salute him. Don Cherry. As men, well, we don't do much better with our own bodies. But the Canadian Cancer Society is meeting us half-way - teaching us to care for ourselves one testicle at a time.

September is more than the moment memories of last season's beer league glory smash against the reality of this season's beer gut shame. It's also Men's Cancer Health Awareness Month. Humbly at Jets Nation, we throw our support behind the Canadian Cancer Society's 'Nutiquette' campaign and hope you will share the video above far and wide. 

Think it doesn't matter? Think again. 

  • Only 50% of men aged 15-29 have had a medical checkup in the last 12 months 
  • 77% don't know the symptoms of testicular cancer
  • With information, 79% of people said they would start checking at least once a month

So watch, learn, sing-along, and check yourself. Your health is important. Who else is going to get drunk and shout about your epic OT winner in that 10pm Wednesday night game at the old Vimy? Literally no one else will do that.

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The Mrazuvzdorn√Ĺ Boys

Ross Smith
August 30 2013 11:46AM


Well, to say it’s a quiet time for hockey fans is an understatement. TSN is replaying old IIHF highlights while their analysts suffer through parlour games of deduction aiming to prognosticate the final line-up of next year’s Olympic team and I’m sure even they are asking themselves, “Why can’t there be a new episode of Breaking Bad every night?”

It’s so quiet that the best thing that the Winnipeg Sun could come up with to fill space was an article about Michael Frolik and Ondrej Pavelec being childhood friends. I actually didn’t know that but the article failed to offer any detail about their childhoods beyond just being teammates so I, intrepid reporter that I am, decided to do a little digging.

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