Joining the Rush: NHL Headlines...LOL just kidding

Steve Dangle
November 28 2012 08:44PM

Andrey and I go through the hottest NHL Headlines... Sort of.

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Forbes 2012 - Jets valued at 200M

Robert Cleave
November 28 2012 05:58PM



This afternoon saw Forbes release its annual appraisal of NHL franchise valuations and financial performance, and since this edition marks Winnipeg's first real appearance in the listings, it seems a good idea to have a closer look at the numbers. 

First off, it's always wise to offer a disclaimer or two when discussing Forbes' handiwork. There are a few caveats that I'll get into as I go, the most important of which is that NHL teams don't offer public examination of their books, so the revenue figures are usually best guesses that the league quickly poo-poos. Still, as an ordinal of sorts to rank teams' financial wherewithal, it has some merit. By that measure, Winnipeg's return to the NHL was a hit, at least at the box office.

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Robin Brownlee
November 28 2012 02:28PM

If you’ve had difficulty getting your head around the numbers being tossed around during the NHL lockout regarding the financial situations the league’s 30 teams find themselves in, there’s good reason – at least if you look at the numbers published in Forbes Magazine today.

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Forbes says Canadian teams are healthy; American teams not so much

Jonathan Willis
November 28 2012 12:29PM

Forbes annual look at the business of hockey was released on Wednesday, and if their estimates are accurate Canadian NHL teams are far and away the healthiest group of franchises in the game.

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KHL: Komarov scores in upset loss, and more

Steve Dangle
November 27 2012 06:03PM


Just a little KHL Update today, but sometimes the best gifts come in small packages!... OK, I think all this early Christmas music is starting to take its toll.


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