Brian Sutherby
October 11 2013 06:48PM

The dressing room is supposed to be a safe place for players. That is said time and again between coaches and players. Things that are said or happen between those walls stay between those walls.

Joe Thornton is making headlines today, for a comment he directed in a humorous way at a scrum of reporters that were interviewing another player. He was not being interviewed himself. He said something sarcastic about scoring four goals in one game and what he would do to celebrate.

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JGD 5: Playing for pride

Kevin McCartney
October 11 2013 03:19PM

The Stars haven't been there in a while either

Usually, playing for pride is reserved for after a team is eliminated from playoff contention. With a 2-2-0 record, the Jets' season is far from over. But in this case, the Jets have turned in two shame-worthy performances in a row and been outshot 61-26 in first periods, and 138 to 93 total through four games. In the second game of a Divisional back-to-back, the team is playing to avoid that awkward interview at the end and for some personal pride going into next week.

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Game 4 @ Minnesota: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 11 2013 12:36PM

I really do apologize for this. I’ll warn you now, it’s not pretty for the most of the Jets and I really hope those of you going to the game against Dallas tonight get a bit of a better show. The Jets were outplayed for the majority of the game, and the chance count definitely reflects that.

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Game 4 @ Minnesota: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 11 2013 12:55AM

My goodness that was ugly. 

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Jets Post Game 4: Unwatchable

Kevin McCartney
October 10 2013 09:45PM

How about those first periods, Jets fans? I can't hear you - groan louder! 

After everyone and their dog made the point of needing to start better, to the point of having Claude Noel himself talk about practicing for better starts, the Jets' opening 20 minutes against Minnesota saw them get outshot 10-6, 9-3 at even strength. The Jets' best period - the second - is also the Wild's! The Wild outshot the Jets 12-4 in that 20 minute block to go 54-19 on the season in 2nd periods. At evens it was 11-2. Surely the third was better! Nope. Final shots were 30 to 15. A corsi lover? Try a shameful 62-41.

There was a lot of discussion on twitter about Claude Noel and his future behind the bench. What is wrong with the Jets will be the question of the weekend, almost irrespective of the result in Dallas tomorrow night.  

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