What To Expect From Byfuglien

Travis Hrubeniuk
August 20 2013 08:07PM

Picture via Twitter

Honesty time. I’ve been sitting at my computer for about 20 minutes now trying to think of how to open up this article. I tried wit, direct humour, pulling at emotions, a weight loss reference, everything. And well, I’ve got nothing. Truth is, I was bored at work and started thinking about Dustin Byfuglien. People seem to really love the guy, or hate the guy. Some have really high expectations, some have really low. Some think he should be traded, others are sure he will be traded, and there are many who think he is way to valuable to ever consider moving.

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"By The Power of Clawthorn!" A Jets Fantasy Guide

Ross Smith
August 20 2013 10:44AM


(Illustration by Barret Chapman)

Beating the summer heat with a trip to the corner store for a taste of that magical elixir known as a “Slurpee” offered me a joyous encounter with a rack of vintage blogs known as “Magazines”. There I spied my favorite wastes of paper ever (no, not that, Perv-o’s, this is a family store): The Fantasy Hockey Guides! Was it that time of year already? “Squee!” I was giddy with anticipation for this year’s rankings. Their annual dose of wit and wisdom has never failed to lead me to mighty mediocrity in my keeper league (oh, this shoddy workman will blame the tools, people!) but, I realize, they can only provide limited insight.

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Ross Smith
August 14 2013 10:07AM


Photos by Jeffery Simpson

Introducing a new contributor to Jets Nation - Ross Smith! Today Ross finally solves the issue of who is the Greatest Player of All Time. It's what the summer is for.

As we recline here in the lazy summer days between hockey seasons, we dedicated fans fill up the puck-shaped hole in our hearts by following the draft and the free agent signings and even pretending to care about baseball or the CFL until it’s time to hit the ice again. This summer, though, offered up the 25th anniversary of an event so dramatic that it changed the NHL irrevocably: The Gretzky Trade. Its mere mention in Edmonton still yields mournful stories of lost innocence and squandered opportunity - Gretz revered and commemorated like a war hero or a precious family member. Who can blame them? He is unquestionably the best player ever to lace up a pair of skates… or is he?

This Silver Jubilee marking Peter Pocklington’s transformation from mere unsavoury entrepreneur to “Wanted by The Hague” in a single craptastic business deal is the perfect time to renew Hockeydom’s favourite debate about who, exactly, is the greatest player of all time.

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Jets Adjusted Corsi by Forward Line: The Role of Coaching Choices

Kevin McCartney
August 12 2013 06:02AM

Photo brilliance by thereturn at HF Boards

One of the challenges with measuring process-based metrics like corsi - a measure of possession and territory that correlates well with scoring chances - is that we have stats at the team level and at the individual level. It's a moving target to try to put these two levels of data into the context of a 5 on 5 game when individuals switch every 40-50 seconds at the desire of a person we don't measure. We've made huge strides - and the WOWY (With or Without You) data over at Hockey Analytics is part of that. 

Another part of that was offered by Travis Yost at NHL Numbers the other week - team by team corsi according to forward tiers (Eastern Conf / Western Conf). Grouping forwards into lines by EV time on ice, Travis gives us a sense of how teams are built and shows very strong evidence that to win, teams need depth.

His methodology is sound in general - using even strength time on ice to sort out the 'tiers' of forwards - but hides an important reality about how the Jets were coached. Below we'll look at his chart for the Jets and compare it to a purposeful grouping of the forwards into approximate lines.

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Story Time

Jason Strudwick
August 11 2013 12:51PM

All this Gretzky trade talk the last week stirred up the old story machine in my head. Looking at some of the other players involved in the trade I ran across Marty McSorley's name.

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