Mark Stuart and the Variety of Hockey Skills

Kevin McCartney
February 03 2014 03:14PM

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I’m back! I had to step aside to focus on my day job, but I’ve got a fresh bag of doritos and my writing jockeys on, so this is happening.

I haven’t had a chance to watch much of the Jets 2.1 under Paul Maurice, but I did witness a bizarre twitter battle after the game in Montreal, in which the supporters of Mark Stuart and those who want to just feel good about the Jets (no one blames those people, the team is 8-2 under the new coach) were vicious in lashing out against those who had spoken about Stuart as a barrier to the team’s success in the past. After two strong games in a row, supporters were vociferous about the value of the rugged blue liner. He took home second star, after all, and won the locker room 'Player of the Game' fighter pilot helmet. His team mates like him, and he's playing well.

With the deadline coming up, how do we evaluate the value of UFA Mark Stuart to the Jets? Is he turning a corner under Paul Maurice? What does he add to the club?

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Rhys Finnick
February 02 2014 02:39PM



The Jets beat the Canadiens today in game more thrilling than the 2-1 score would indicate. The pace in Winnipeg's last few games has been quite uptempo, but today's contest also had a bit of an edge to it.

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Rhys Finnick
February 02 2014 07:51AM


                                                     Poor Patches.


Now that we've got that out of the way, onto the Jets game.

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Game 56 vs Vancouver: Pavelec Performance & Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 01 2014 05:58PM

If you're happy and you know it pump your fist. 

The Jets played arguably her most complete game under Paul Maurice Friday night against the Canucks. Outside of a few pushes from Vancouver, the Jets mostly controlled the pace of this game, starting from their superior play in the neutral zone.

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Game 56 vs Vancouver: Scoring Chances and Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 01 2014 05:52PM

Fenwick Chart via

I’ll be the first to say it; I still think the Jets are a very long shot for making the playoffs. I just don’t think they are strong enough overall to make it. BUT, if they can put together performances like the one they had on Friday night against Vancouver, they will at minimum make the last couple months of this season very interesting.

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