Jetstream Podcast Ep 19: Olympic Break

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 11 2014 09:19AM


On this week's episode, the guys discuss the looming decisions for the Jets before the trade deadline, whether or not signing Paul Maurice over the break is Fair or Foul, and make our Sochi 2014 predictions.  All that, plus more evidence of the #HumanFactor, more misspelt names and a few coughing fits.

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Game 60 @ St. Louis: Montoya Performance & Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 09 2014 11:39PM

The Jets put together a terrific effort against the Blues on Saturday afternoon, but just weren’t able to pull out a win heading into the Olympic break. We saw the Maurice effect once again in regards to the Jets play in the neutral zone, which definitely had a contributing factor in the Jets game.

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Game 60 @ St. Louis: Scoring Chances & Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 09 2014 11:34PM

Chart via

The Jets put together a solid, near complete effort against the Blues on Saturday afternoon. If not for penalty trouble, it may have just ended up being a dominant game in many forms, with the Blues being bailed out by some lucky bounces.

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Game 59 @ Washington: Numbers Game

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 07 2014 11:32PM

Chart vis

The Jets put together yet another decent neutral zone performance Thursday night against the Capitals. An inability to take advantage of their opportunities and generate scoring chances was the downfall of the Jets on this night.

I’ve been sick as a dog and swamped with work lately, so here are all the numbers with a bit of interpretation for the Caps game.

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JGD 59: Old Friends, New Directions

Kevin McCartney
February 06 2014 03:28PM

The Jets 2.1 are 9-2 since the fateful day between games against Columbus and Phoenix. Major problems on the team remain. Thorburn is playing up the lineup. The defence has limited depth and Mark Stuart is playing over his head. The goalie is putting up wins for the first time in his career, but career back-up and draft-bust Al Montoya continues to post the better individual numbers. Setoguchi is still awkward on the left wing and Dustin Byfuglien is half the forward that he is a defender. 

In spite of confusing lines and sub-optimal team utilization, the Jets are genuinely, truly a much better hockey club than they were this time last month. Tighter formations in the breakout were obvious by game 3, and have now been referenced by the players publicly. High forward support in defensive transition has made for neutral zone pressure, let the defence close their gaps, and cut down on the 5-alarm 3-on-2's and 2-on-1's. A forecheck pressure point that doesn't require two forwards below the goal line has tightened the spacing of the 5-man unit and suddenly players who looked like problems playing on their tiny island are looking capable as part of a team effort. 

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