Hockey Graphs Podcast Episode 13: Playoff Preview Extravaganza!

Rhys Jessop
April 16 2015 06:00PM

Hockey Graphs Podcast 2

Garret battles narcolepsy while Rhys tries to not talk about where every junior player ever played their peewee hockey. And somehow, we even found time to preview every NHL playoff series and share their picks!

Click past the jump to see who we think is going to make some noise these playoffs.

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5 Anaheim Ducks Who Could Be Public Enemy No. 1 In Winnipeg

Jeremy Wiebe
April 16 2015 04:53PM

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6928 Days and No Longer Counting

Matt Henderson
April 16 2015 02:22PM

The last playoff game in Jets history was 6928 days ago.

So long ago, it seems that time should have healed that wound, leaving just a faint scar. But that playoff loss on home ice did not come under normal circumstances, that was the day the Jets played their final game in Winnipeg before leaving Manitoba to the Arizona desert.

The last playoff game in Jets history was one of the most painful memories in Canadian hockey history.

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IceCaps Recap – April16th

Josh W
April 16 2015 12:43PM



Welcome to the latest instalment of the IceCaps Recap where we review all the weekly activities of the St. John’s Ice Caps, the AHL affiliation of the Winnipeg Jets. Similar to the Future NHEhlers weekly article, we review all the stats and news we can find for your IceCaps.

Continue past the jump to read what went down.

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By The Numbers: A look at the Winnipeg Jets and Anaheim Ducks players

Garret Hohl
April 16 2015 12:28PM

The Winnipeg Jets are facing the Anaheim Ducks in a best of seven series. Two teams go in, but only one will come out the victor and move on to the next round.

As members of two separate divisions, the Jets and Ducks have not faced off against each other very often. They have only gone head-to-head three times this season. Because of these reasons, Jets fans may not be so familiar with the non-star players of the opposition.

Let's take a look at how the Jets and Ducks players stack up against each other.

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