Jets Post-Game 3: Frustration and Futility

Kevin McCartney
October 06 2013 10:05PM

Poor Bogo.

Another Pacific Division team came into Winnipeg tonight, fatigued from an extra minutes affair against Minnesota just 24 hours previous. The Jets had capitalized on poor goaltending in their season and home openers, and were looking to turn in a more effective game against an already injury-weakened and tired Ducks team. A "60 minute effort" as people on TV say, as though the glove dryers have remained off to date.

Instead, it was a game of pure frustration for the Jets. We heard a lot about effort, about wanting the puck, and about the little things again. But for all their access to the game and their view from above, the on-the-fly analysts seems to misunderstand the simple reality of the game - the Ducks isolated Jet puck carriers with Boudreau's well-established puck pressure system, and the Jets never adjusted to give puck support or to open the gap behind the defenders through re-groups. Turnover City. Breakout Breakdown. Trapped in a Neutral Zone. Pick your movie title, but let's all hope they don't keep making them like those damn Hangover films.

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Teemu Flies in Winnipeg One Last Time

Matt Eichel
October 06 2013 06:11PM

Teemu Selanne only spent three and a half seasons in Winnipeg.

That's not many years to play in a city for their team to be considered an icon, an idol, or a franchise player who's number you would undoubetly retire at the end of a career.

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Jets 2013/14 Season Preview: Hope in the Face of Reason

Kevin McCartney
October 06 2013 05:03PM


 Photo by A Canadian View

Okay, okay. You got us. Typically, a site might give its Preview before the season started. Dogged by the questions of yester-year, and lacking even a single pre-season game with a regular season line-up, we wanted to wait to get our eyes on the real deal before we made our predictions. (Alternatively, maybe the Nations Network trusted this site to a lay-about. I mean, seriously, my resume pretty much screams ‘hippie.’)

We’ve still barely scratched the surface, with 80 (or more!) contests to go for the Jets. There’s still a lot to look forward to. And get defensive about. Also, goalies.

Inside we’ll take an in-depth look at the 2013/14 season for the Winnipeg Jets.

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JGD 3: One Last Visit

Kevin McCartney
October 06 2013 02:38AM

Photo by the late Denis Brodeur

When Teemu made his return to Winnipeg December 17, 2011, it was his first time in front of a Jets crowd since Febuary 4th, 1996. It also seemed like it might be his last, as the aging veteran struggled through a lockout shortened schedule in 2012/13 while the Jets toiled away under the wonky reality of playing in the Southeast. The NHL robbed Winnipeg nostalgia mongers of a year of their livelihood, and if not for Selänne's 43 year old season, the damages may have exceed dozens of dollars. 

Thankfully for all involved, Jets fans get one more chance to chant 'Teemu.'

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Scheifele and Big Hits: Should we be concerned?

Kevin McCartney
October 05 2013 05:48PM


 "Dashers taste gross in the NHL..." Mark Scheifele thought to himself

Scheifele is just two games into what promises to be his first full NHL season. The early returns are excellent - beyond what anyone could have reasonably expected. Goal, assist, +2, 5 shots on, and two unlikely wins. He's already doubled his offensive output from his previous 11 games in the NHL. 

Of concern is that Scheifele seems to be finding more than his fair share of heavy hits and compromising contact. Will Scheifele make it through 82 games?

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