Game 36 at Buffalo: Pavelec Performance Tracker and Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 19 2013 11:12AM

Despite the overall result of the game, the Jets actually played a decent game in the neutral zone. Well, not really. But when you compare it how they have performed normally, it wasn’t too bad. I’m trying to keep upbeat a little bit here everyone. Give me a break.

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Game 36 @ Buffalo: Scoring Chances & Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 19 2013 11:07AM

Chart via

A second straight strong performance by young Mark Scheifele was not enough Tuesday night, as the Jets lost yet another second half game of a back-to-back. This time, to the… wait, let me check that again... Buffalo Sabres?! What?

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 11: Christmas Baking

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 18 2013 09:40AM

On this week's episode, the boys discuss Peluso's hit on Goligoski, Evander Kane trade rumors and put the blame on Claude again. All that, plus whether or not injuries should affect suspensions, Joe's ineffective Twitter game and real-deal edible Christmas baking this time.

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Jets Post-Game 36: The Shame of It

Kevin McCartney
December 17 2013 09:24PM

Will this be the Jets' Last Supper?

Of course the lowest scoring team since 1967 expansion scored 4 against the Jets to win in regulation for the first time since November 15th. And naturally, the Jets became over-confident while winning 2-0 and down in the shot count 19-10 and in the Fenwick count 26-12. It only makes perfect sense that they lost the faceoff battle (badly) to a team with Cody Hodgson, former winger Tyler Ennis, former winger Steve Ott, former winger Marcus Foligno, and former winger Ville Leino taking draws.

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JGD 36: Grieving a Season Ended Before Its Time

Kevin McCartney
December 17 2013 03:50PM

The challenge for fans this season will be managing all five stages of the grief process. Some remain in denial, including looking at a 'healthy' depth chart as though that team was great, or prattling on about 'consistency.' For others, that ended after the Florida game, or perhaps after seeing Thorburn against Western conference teams. There was some yelling, about Kane, about Thorburn, about the coach and Mark Stuart and Pavelec, but always against the futility of being a fan of a team that makes irrational and indefensible choices.

Elliot Friedman's recent focus on the Jets perhaps marks the end to the 'Anger' stage of dealing with the grief of this season. His take that the Jets simply weren't ready for the West is more depression inducing than excuse-making. Really? They didn't know they'd have to play structured hockey in the West? Why weren't they playing structured hockey in the East?

The Jets woke up this morning with another win in the bag, but I, for one, am done believing they can make anything out of this season, and similarly done being mad at Noel and Cheveldayoff for the mess. For me, the period between the Florida game and last night was the Depression phase, and I considered never watching a Jets game again.

I'm on to 'Bargaining,' and I know that because I would give just about anything to see a Jets game where they weren't out-coached. 'Maybe Peter Laviolette could be the Febreeze air freshener in this parked car full of garbage of a team,' I tell myself.

Something tells me this Buffalo game will tell us a lot about where people are at in their grief phase.  

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