Here Comes The Nation Draft Playoff Pool!

Justin Fisher
April 14 2015 11:31AM


Weeks ago, Toronto Maple Leafs fans gave up on the idea that they'd get to enjoy any type of playoff success this season. Well, Leafs fans are silly people, they should've given up on that in October! 

In all seriousness even sad sack Toronto sports fans can get in on the playoff fun this year with the Nations Draft Playoff Pool. It's way better than the actual real playoffs, and you can enter here at

Read on for more details!

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Why The Jets Playoff Berth Means So Much To Winnipeg

Jeremy Wiebe
April 13 2015 05:35PM

They're in. It wasn't easy though. In fact, many Winnipeggers suffered heart attacks in the process but the Winnipeg Jets clinched their first playoff berth since the franchise arrived from Atlanta in 2011. Even though the Jets lost in a nerve-wracking shootout to the Colorado Avalanche, the Calgary Flames did the Jets a huge favour moments later by defeating the Los Angeles Kings 3-1 to eliminate the defending Stanley Cup champions.

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Oddsmakers: Jets the least likely Stanley Cup winner of the NHL's 16 playoff teams

Thomas Drance
April 13 2015 05:04PM

Photo Credit: Robert Mayer/USA TODAY Sports

If you want to bet on a Stanley Cup dark horse ahead of the opening of playoff season, you can't do better than the Winnipeg Jets.

A big, deep, occasionally dominant puck possession side, the Jets are seen by many as something of a Western Conference dark horse. The on-line sports books don't seem to share that point of view, as has priced out the Jets as having the single longest Stanley Cup odds of any NHL playoff team.

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Can the Winnipeg Jets be the next 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings?

Garret Hohl
April 13 2015 12:43PM

In 2011-12, the Los Angeles Kings snuck into the playoffs as the final seed in the Western Conference with 95 points, a 40-27-15 record, and a +15 goal differential. They then proceeded to dominate, taking out that year's President's Trophy winner in the first round, and eventually earn the Stanley Cup.

The Kings took the NHL by surprise, only losing four games in total after four playoff series.

Could the Winnipeg Jets do the same?

The answer in hockey is always yes. Hockey is one of the more luck ladened sports and because of this everything is always possible, just not always probable.

We will take a more in-depth look after the jump.

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The Nation Draft Prize-a-Palooza: Impress your friends and win some prizes while helping charity!

Garret Hohl
April 13 2015 10:15AM


Hey Citizens!

Playoff hockey is nearly upon us and the Nations Network is holding a playoff pool draft for charity.

Do you like hockey? Do you like hockey drafts? Do you like hockey pools? Do you like hockey playoffs? Do you like helping charities?

If any or all of these apply, you should check out The Nation Drafts Prize-a-Palooza after the jump.

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