October 08 2013 05:42PM


In the continued effort to move the Nation Network into fantasy gaming and continue raising money for charities at the same time our second game - the ol' reliable NationDraft player box game - begins today. For only $20 you should totally sign up here!

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Jets Scoring Chance Update: Week 1

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 08 2013 12:03PM

Throughout this season another addition to our lineup here at Jets Nation will be the tracking of scoring chances for and against the Jets. In an early pre-season press conference, Claude Noel admitted that he uses scoring chances to evaluate players, so we're going to follow suit to see if we can begin to understand some of Noel's lineup choices. Here’s an update from the first week of the Jets season.

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Jets Prospect Update: October 7

Kevin McCartney
October 07 2013 01:21PM

The day feels a bit dark in Jets Nation after... let's not open that wound.

Instead, we'll check in on our prospects scattered across the continent. 

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Game 3 vs. Anaheim: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 07 2013 01:21PM


In what was (almost) certainly Teemu’s final return to Winnipeg as an NHL player, the Jets simply failed to show up. Even a rocking crowd at the MTS Centre couldn't wake them from the Sunday night doldrums. Watching the game you never would have known that the Ducks were the team to have played the night before as the Jets added little to the emotion that was naturally high in Winnipeg.

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Jets Post-Game 3: Frustration and Futility

Kevin McCartney
October 06 2013 10:05PM

Poor Bogo.

Another Pacific Division team came into Winnipeg tonight, fatigued from an extra minutes affair against Minnesota just 24 hours previous. The Jets had capitalized on poor goaltending in their season and home openers, and were looking to turn in a more effective game against an already injury-weakened and tired Ducks team. A "60 minute effort" as people on TV say, as though the glove dryers have remained off to date.

Instead, it was a game of pure frustration for the Jets. We heard a lot about effort, about wanting the puck, and about the little things again. But for all their access to the game and their view from above, the on-the-fly analysts seems to misunderstand the simple reality of the game - the Ducks isolated Jet puck carriers with Boudreau's well-established puck pressure system, and the Jets never adjusted to give puck support or to open the gap behind the defenders through re-groups. Turnover City. Breakout Breakdown. Trapped in a Neutral Zone. Pick your movie title, but let's all hope they don't keep making them like those damn Hangover films.

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