Meet The Rivals: Chicago Blackhawks

Travis Hrubeniuk
September 16 2013 02:05AM


Finally, after two long and rather ridiculous seasons that saw the Winnipeg Jets based out of the Southeast, the league has undergone re-alignment and have the team in a realistic division: The Central. Over the next week I will provide a preview of the Jets new Divisional Rivals, giving you with a brief review of last years’ stats, each team's potential opening day lineup, strengths and weaknesses, and a few major storylines (both Jet and non-Jet related). Today we start with the defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.

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Jets Pre-Season Game Two: Group B vs Senators (UPDATED)

Kevin McCartney
September 15 2013 03:11PM

Photo by Jacob Shwirtz

Time to shake game one off and get so pumped your face-veins show, Jets Nation! Tonight the Ottawa Bureaucrats are in town to face Group B of the Winnipeg Plane-Enthusiasts. Group B is the only squad to have played two scrimmages so far in camp, losing both by a combined score of 9-4. Next step, NHL glory.

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All Settled?

Ross Smith
September 15 2013 10:42AM

 Photo by Devin Ford

With the recent settlement between the NFL and former players over brain injuries, our own Ross Smith offers a thoughtful opinion piece on the place head trauma has in sport and how it might change.

Professional hockey exists in two worlds simultaneously: the world of play and the world of business. Both have complex rules of conduct, both are literally and figuratively about goals, both attract participants of great ambition and will and these worlds coexist with varying degrees of harmony. Sometimes they sing like the Bee Gees, sometimes like Kanye West without Autotune.

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Jets Roster: Will Kane and Setoguchi work?

Kevin McCartney
September 14 2013 04:21PM

Photo by Ivan Makarov

Devin Setoguchi was one of two major forward additions by the Winnipeg Jets this off-season, acquired from the Wild for a 2014 2nd round draft pick. After a season of auditioning a seemingly endless stream of players not named Kyle Wellwood for the second line RW job and settling on another former Wild (Wildling?) Antti Miettinen, GM Kevin Cheveldayoff made filling the 2RW hole a priority. But did he get the right man? Will Devin Setoguchi be a successful running mate for the Jets' young star Evander Kane?

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Pre-Season Game One: SQUEEEEEE! (UPDATED)

Kevin McCartney
September 14 2013 01:06PM


It's game one of the pre-season tonight for the Jets, facing off against a team that clobbered them last year by a goal differential of 20 to 8. But you know what? That was last year. It was probably all Mike Ribeiro anyway. 

Somehow every summer I think I'll never make it to September, that by the time the fall arrives I'll have forgotten what hockey looks like, or Gary Betman will have stolen all the skates from Hockey-ville. For me, this is the day it becomes real. And part of me still thinks I'm going to turn on CBC today to find static (like it's 1973 and static is still a thing).

So everyone please cross your fingers on whatever hand you aren't using to click the 'Read Article' link below.

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