Game 7 vs. Montreal: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 16 2013 11:40AM


The Jets came out flat once again Tuesday night against Montreal and it ultimately ended up biting them right in the butt. Once again The Habs beat the Jets improving their record to 7-1 since the return in 2011, and moved the Jets back below .500 on the season.

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Introducing: The JetStream Podcast

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 15 2013 10:43PM

Hey look everybody! A Podcast!

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Jets Post-Game 7: Same Old Story

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 15 2013 10:22PM

                                  Jacob Trouba making Nathan Beaulieu look silly.

I want you to think about all the predictable storylines that could have come from this game.

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JGD 7: Le Grande Club

Kevin McCartney
October 15 2013 04:37PM

Game seven of the season brings Les Habitants à la MTS Centre. It's a talented and dynamic club that comes to town, ranked 8th in goals for, and 5th in goals against on a per game basis. 

It's the first meeting of the season, but if you believe in the power of laundry, it might worry you know that the Canadiens have dropped just one game against the Jets since the move - a December 22, 2011 shutout by the Jets. The three-year total sits at 6-1 in favour of le CH.

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Game 6 vs. New Jersey: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 15 2013 10:31AM

Before today’s matchup against the Montreal Canadiens, we take a look at the scoring chances from Sunday’s game against the New Jersey Devils.

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